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Today, the European Commission published the Reflection Paper about European Security and Defense for launching the European Defense Fund. On 1 March 2017, the European Commission presented a White Paper on the Future of Europe. Subsequently, a series of reflection articles have been published to implement the Global Strategy. This Reflection wants to integrate ongoing… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

Fighting people with facts only makes them cling to their beliefs more strongly, further polarising our damaged societies. Different tactics are needed, and they start closer to home than you think. I probably wasn’t the only person working in EU communications who thought that Euroscepticism could be beaten by reasoned argument. Like many, I suffered… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

    From May 23rd till May 28th, AEGEE’s biannual General Assembly took place in Enschede, the Netherlands. More than 600 members, young people from all around Europe, attended the event, thereby observing and participating in AEGEE’s highest decision-making body, the Agora. Participants got the chance to discuss the questions that transcend the life-cycles of… » read more

  Posted by Key to Europe

In the long-awaited Opinion 2/15, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) declared that “the objective of sustainable development henceforth forms an integral part of the common commercial policy” (CCP) (para. 147). Next to the Court’s findings on other elements of the CCP or the state of EU legislation capable of enhancing the Union’s… » read more

  Posted by ACELG

For the average European, a host of rather ugly events have been taking place since 2013 that make very little sense. Indeed, few of us realize that we have actually been witnessing the start of Cold War 2.0 Like the original Cold War, it was started by the CIA and associated agencies, as well. This… » read more

  Posted by Spotlight on Geopolitics

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