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  By Elias Papadopoulos, Political Consultant In October 2016 the European Commission published an inception impact assessment on trans fats, expressing its willingness to consult on different policy options to possibly reduce the amount of trans fats in Europeans’ diets. It is of course too early to tell what the results will be and whether… » read more

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Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)/ Wikipedia   Jochen Hummel is Chairman of LT-Innovate, the European Association of the Language Technology Industry, he is also the CEO of ESTeam and Coreon. Speaking with Christophe Leclercq, EurActiv’s Founder, as part of the #Media4EU series, he advocated for a more multilingual Europe and he explained why Language Technologies should be… » read more

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Fondation EurActiv, together with the Institut d’Études Européennes (ULB) and a steering committee, launched the ‘Media4EU Tour d’Europe’ project in October 2016. More than 30 editors, publishers and media experts were interviewed and a number of associations was consulted. The project came up with practical solutions.   THE MEDIA, A SECTOR IN CRISIS: Advertisement on… » read more

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The #Media4EU research has come up with two pilot programmes for professionals in the media sector:   Erasmus4media for young & Media4Europe for senior professionals: Erasmus4media could be launched soon, under clear media guidance TARGET: For young professionals from both the editorial, social media and commercial sides, with solid experience in their media organisation and… » read more

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Following the multilingual approach for Sentiment Analysis described previously, today the SSIX Project is pleased to announce the public release of two important pieces of software in our machine translation chain. We are opensourcing two new clients to programmatically access some features of the GeoFluent API: GeoFluent Java Client GeoFluent Python Client Both software components… » read more

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Still stumbling towards the exit Running out of patience with British politicians? In my latest article on all things Brexit (9 February) I explain why the Westminster parliament and parties find themselves split and emasculated – and have only themselves to blame. I have precious little sympathy for those Remainers who voted blithely to promote… » read more

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Aujourd’hui, la Cour d’appel fédérale de San Francisco a suspendu le décret anti-immigration du président américain Donald Trump interdisant l’entrée des réfugiés et des citoyens de sept pays musulmans, confirmant ainsi la décision d’un juge fédéral de Seattle. «Rendez-vous à la Cour […] c’est en jeu la sécurité de la nation», a écrit Donald Trump… » read more

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