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The EU Commission said the investigation launched on October 2014 on States’ aids to multinational companies has been concluded. The results of this investigation involve the relationship between Luxembourg and Amazon. The Commission has concluded that the US company had to pay €250 millions of unsettled taxes, resulting from the 2003 agreement between the European… » read more

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Almost two weeks after the federal elections, Germans are still searching for explanations for the soar-away success of the far-right AfD (alternative für Deutschland) and the sour decline of the two main parties, the CDU and the SPD. In his remarkable speech on the occasion of the national commemoration of the German unification on October… » read more

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For a few years now, the European Union has found an interest in unifying the different national digital markets and fostering a European data economy which would allow the free movement of data within the EU. A digital market is an economic concept referring to a market where the action of buying and selling goods… » read more

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The implementation of solar cookers across Moroccan communities is proving to be a great example of how decentralization of renewable energy is contributing to the energy independence of a country. By Lina Yassin & Arthur Wyns Morocco is being widely portrayed around the world as one of the leading countries in renewable energy deployment. The… » read more

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  Improvements in the Bulgarian water supply and sanitation sector are underway. However, more investment and further EU assistance is still required   The reform of the Bulgarian water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector has been an issue since the mid-1990s. The reform itself was partially prepared by different governments over the years but for… » read more

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Two European bodies – the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) – currently located in London have to be relocated, following the UK’s exit from the EU in 2019. Several countries have put forward a collection of cities which could meet the needs and requirements for hosting these supranational organisations. For… » read more

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I’ve spent the last three days in Barcelona, observing the 1st October independence referendum, not in any sort of official capacity, but as an interested politics nerd. Political tourism if you like. After my fascinating trip to Scotland prior to the independence referendum there in 2014, it was obvious that seeing Catalonia’s referendum first hand… » read more

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Any couples counselor could agree that a break up should be a well-thought-out decision. Yet Trump’s extemporaneous comments indicate that he is ready to jump into a new yet unknown political affair leaving Europe in political obscurity. His isolationist mindset might be counterproductive. Instead of trying to strengthen desolate transatlantic relations in order to achieve… » read more

  Posted by Ieva Galkyte

Some 5.3 million registered Kurdish voters headed to the polls on Monday 25th Sep. 2017 to decide in a referendum vote whether they want to become an independent nation-state. Three northern Iraqi provinces — Erbil, Duhok and Sulaymaniyah – comprise the parliamentary democracy governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq. The referendum took place… » read more

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Earlier this month, ACEA President Dieter Zetsche and I had the honour of hosting a press conference for international media at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At this occasion, we laid out the European automobile industry’s pathway to future CO2 reductions from passenger cars. Manufacturers are committed to reducing CO2 emissions from their vehicles, and our… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Par Arthur Wyns et Llewelyn Buidin Le réseau d’innovation climatique le plus grand d’Europe donne la chance à des jeunes personnes de développer des idées d’entreprise qui lutte contre le changement climatique. Est-ce que une approche d’entreprise peut offrir des solutions pour le changement climatique à la génération suivante ? L’entrepreneuriat du changement climatique est… » read more

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Key MEPs Elmar Brok and Mercedes Bresso, top practitioners and academics led a discussion on the future of media cooperation and innovation this September 26th within the EURACTIV Brussels Network Office Extensive interviews and meetings with publishers, editors, and MEPs from across Europe made clear: there is strong demand for media cooperation and exchanges under… » read more

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