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The meeting at FAO a few weeks ago is bringing to the fore a structural weakness of international forums, in the development of long term strategies for food and water security; the neglect or misuse, under pressure of short-term tactical political aims, of institutional, civil society and corporate memory and more specifically its political dimension.… » read more

Constructive psychology

Following interviews with a railway employee in Hungary, a photographer from Slovenia, a social worker in Austria, a pub manager in Czech Republic and a forest girl in Slovakia, today is the right day for another one-person interview. This time, I am talking with Mateusz, a 25-year-old psychology student who lives in Gdansk and hopes… » read more

From the Editorial Team: The 2008 RIAS New Media Prize was awarded to Dr. Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen for publishing the online think tank Original post by Atlantic Community

Heinrich Bonnenberg: To Russia, its current western border is a border that stands for loss and dishonor. This border is an open, bleeding wound on the Russian body. The security pact that the Russian president recently presented in Berlin could be helpful in overcoming historical grievances and bringing Western Europe and Russia closer together. Original… » read more

Negative emotions

Leaving home for one year without ever getting frustrated would be impossible, and today turns out to be my annual frustration day. I will keep the reasons of these negative emotions to myself but they do serve as a perfect excuse to ask some Polish people how they deal with frustrations, and what is making… » read more

Bloggers from Denmark, France, Spain and Romania are actively contributing for the PES manifesto for the European elections 2009! Here’s a selection of some of their ideas that you can consult on Yourspace: “Have you ever seen a ‘family photo’ from meetings in the Council? Well, if you haven’t allow me to enlighten you: it’s… » read more

The Polish media circus is almost as interesting and fascinating as Italian politics. It has a lot of drama, people accusing each other of this and that, papers being influenced by either political parties and/or the Church. Today`s edition of Dziennik, one of the biggest newspapers, spent one page writing about the Us Europeans project:… » read more

On entend beaucoup de choses sur le lobbying, mais ce sont d’abord les choses que l’on aimerait entendre… Le lobbying, ont tendance à penser les Français, c’est la scandaleuse distorsion de l’intérêt général et des règles politiques au profit d’intérêts particuliers. Le député Frédéric Lefebvre (UMP, Hauts-de-Seine), ami de Nicolas Sarkozy et candidat idéal à… » read more

(Source: Point Carbon, London, 24 June 2008) The European commission is on the verge of dropping its opposition to giving power companies extra allowances from the region’s cap and trade scheme to kick start the development of carbon capture and storage technology, claims an MEP.

Vu de loin…

Claude Lévi-Strauss parlait du “regard éloigné“, qui permet de percevoir des aspects que ceux qui sont trop concernés ne les voient plus. C’est une des cotés de ce blog. L’autre, c’est de raconter comment les distances entre les citoyens européens et la Commission se reproduisent a des milliers de kilomètres de Bruxelles, grace a la… » read more

Europe’s Century

Parag Khanna & Alpo Rusi: Despite the Irish no vote, the EU’s destiny is to lead the world on security, trade and climate change. Increasingly, globalization requires structure and organization on the local level, and the EU, which benefits from high credibility, is setting standards for other regions around the world. Original post by Atlantic… » read more

L’Allemagne se souvient aujourd’hui de la révolte du 17 juin 1953, qui avait été déclenchée le 16 juin par une grève des ouvriers du bâtiment à Berlin Est, et qui s’était propagée dès le lendemain dans toutes les villes de la République Démocratique. La grève prend la tournure d’une émeute politique. À Berlin-Est, la capitale,… » read more

They say we need IPv6

Empires stood (Roman) and fell (Napolen’s adventure in Russia) with communications technology. Today we are building empires of the mind and we need communication technology more than ever. In fact Europe’s global dominance started with the communication revolution that democratized paper. The 2nd communication revolution related to the Internet is democratizing electronic communication and inviting… » read more

Leah Katherine Strauss: Both the UN Environment Program and Human Rights Council have acknowledged the ever-present human element of environmental degradation. Globally, the recognition that those who pollute are violating human rights is of urgent importance, nowhere more-so than in China Original post by Atlantic Community

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