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Les 21ème siècle passerait, dit-on, d’un leadership dirigiste, historique, basé sur des valeurs masculines (pour ne pas dire machistes) vers une forme de leadership plus à l’écoute, mettant en avant des valeurs traditionnellement considérées comme plus féminines. Difficile d’en dire beaucoup sur la réalité de ce postulat, à l’heure d’aujourd’hui.

By David Gow A “new Colossus in Europe” is how the Guardian headlined this correspondent’s report on official celebrations for German unification 22 years ago today. Thousands stood in front of the Reichstag waving national – and European – flags. There was joy but also anxiety about the future: for Wessis and Ossis, still divided […]

My friends in Twitter asked me to explain an article they found on the web and could not fully understand. I’m happy to provide some insight. The European Parliament CRIM committee has held on Monday evening a meeting ‘in camera’ to examine a request by two Bulgarian journalists to examine evidence relative to the alleged […]

By David Seymour It is often said that the Liberal Democrats are the most pro-European of the political parties but you wouldn’t usually think so to judge from their conferences. The E word is kept well away from platform speeches for fear of alienating Tory newspapers and prospective voters in the South West. Yesterday that […]

Article (shorter version) first published as Anti-Muslim Film Camouflaged Terrorist Campaign on Technorati. Muslim-protests, targeting symbols of US influence ranging from embassies and schools to fast food chains, have been spreading around the world after the showing of an anti-Muslim film – “Innocence of Muslims” – on Youtube. In my opinion, this substandard film portraying […]

UEFA President Michel Platini presented the UEFA Monaco Charity Award to the Stefano Borgonovo Foundation in support of the research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The 1m euros cheque was handed over to Stefano Borgonovo’s wife and to Italian football player Fabio Cannavaro during the official diner gala following the UEFA Champions League group-stage draw […]

By Dr Michael Lloyd From yesterday’s (weds) speeches by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Michael Barnier, Internal Market Commissioner, we now have a little more detail on the Commission’s proposals for a European Banking Union. In particular, the modified roles of the European Central Bank (ECB) as the banking supervisor within […]

We have all been exposed to an unprecedented amount of paeans and triumphant rhetoric ever since the last press conference of the ECB where Mr. Draghi outlined the role his institution will have in dealing with the eurocrisis henceforth. While the immediate exuberance and paroxysms of joy from the side of speculators and “experts” are […]

It is always prominent in my mind the sentence I read in my Marketing Management school book (by Kotler), “having failed our communication campaign we had to triple our efforts in money, time and resources to regain the original clientele”. This phrase epitomizes the situation in which the EU finds itself in – the mishandling […]

By David Gow There’s been a predictable series of knee-jerk protests at the leaked plans of Viviane Reding, EU justice commissioner, for a 40% quota of women in Europe’s boardrooms. This is “Brussels” interfering where it shouldn’t or, in the jargon, infringing the principle of subsidiarity. It’s “imposing” rules that ride roughshod over national competence, […]

After recent failure to reach agreement on treaty for international arms trade the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote article ”The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded” (August 28, 2012). The main idea is in his article headline and article contents lot of good intentions and initiatives for peace development too. However I would like […]

      Les femmes en situation de handicap sont le plus souvent victimes d’une « sur –discrimination » par rapport aux hommes dans la même situation. Les sportives handicapées ne font pas exception à la règle. Quelques chiffres révélateurs de cet état de fait : aux Jeux Paralympiques de Londres, il y aura près de 1300 athlètes femmes de […]

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