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Europe à la carte

By Richard Norton-Taylor Amid all the doom about the world economy and the Eurozone in particular, it is time for pragmatists to rise up and lift the gloom. On his first official visit to Britain, French president Francois Hollande, was honest enough to speak about different countries in the EU travelling at different speeds. Europe […]

By Peter Wilding Under pressure from his party to repatriate powers from the EU, Mr Hague is to make a Commons statement outlining plans to scrutinise every aspect of EU law. Although the audit is not due to conclude until 2014, this should not be considered a surprise. The coalition agreement included a pledge to […]

In the next 12 years the EU will be confronted with profound changes and look very different from today. It will comprise close to 35 member States, with seven additions from the Western Balkans. This will further complicated EU governance. Differentiation among member States will further increase, the most important being the division between EMU […]

The recent statement of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico that his country “is losing patience” paying overdebted Eurozone member-states is something that stirs up pondering. It is not only Slovakia that questions bail-out plans and its contribution to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), but a number of medium-size or small-size countries that retrieve commitments […]

By Johan De Rycker Italy having done the heavy lifting versus Germany, obviously Spain won. I’m not even sure whether you really should take football as a simile here. Monti did get somewhere with Merkel. But, oh dear, the British press is rather subdued about all this. One wonders why. God forbid that the “Banking” […]

Recent events show that the answer to this question may at times be less obvious than it seems to be when reading the Treaties. Law on Schengen once again became a source of controversies. This time they concern the division of power between the Council and the European Parliament. Last month we witnessed a heated […]

The Civic Platform (PO) was supposed to accept the SLD (Democratic Left Alliance) and the Palikot’s Movement projects on registered partnerships. The deal, though unwritten, was about to apply in this parliamentary term. But I waited patiently for the moment, and technology that will be used by the party leadership to cut the project off. […]

By Peter Wilding With the whole world telling her to get a grip now, mild-mannered German Chancellor Angela Merkel is clearly feeling the heat. Just as the “Gang of Four” EU presidents released their ‘Eurobond + budget veto’ solution to the problems in the Eurozone, she did a Thatcher by telling her MPs that any […]

The Council of the European Union adopted on the 25 of June 2012 the long awaited and delayed “Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy”. The Framework sets out principles, objectives and priorities, all designed to improve the effectiveness and consistency of EU policy towards third countries as a whole in the next […]

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