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Guest blogpost by François du Mortier, e-Government Manager, CIRB and Francesco Grillo, Director, Vision   A Comparative Analysis of e-Government Practices   The Jean-Claude Juncker Commission has set the creation of a digital single market as a first priority. The Digital Agenda appears to be ‘a key ingredient’ to reinvigorate the European economy and to… » read more

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By Jeff Gould, SafeGov. The EC investigation of Android has implications for privacy as well as antitrust This week the European Commission took not one but two momentous actions against Google. The first — which has received the lion’s share of media attention — was the filing of formal antitrust charges accusing Google of abuse of dominance in online… » read more

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Ukraine: Trends of the week Issue N. 7/15 April 10 – April 19, 2015 Socio-politic top trend: Ukraine is Moving to Social Explosion Fake government’s reform increase social dissatisfaction of Ukraine’s citizens. One major factor is the growing social tensions because of the tariff policy in the housing and communal infrastructure sector. In the near… » read more

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Karel de Gucht, the occasionally grumpy Commissioner who launched the TTIP trade deal, is set to join the management board of Belgium’s largest telecommunications company. De Gucht was granted permission to join Belgacom, which is about 50% state-owned, and to join the board of Merit Capital, an independent private bank and stockbroker based in Antwerp.… » read more

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Congrats to the EU Parliament, a big leap for the EU and for Humanity Shulz gave a call to the Turkish Prime Minister and told him that he was not involved in that vote. By saying this he just mocked. That’s revealing, this behaviour conveys the true spirit of the EU. Well the EU Parliament… » read more

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Never take Benjamin Netanyahu seriously. If you do, you’ll end up believing that the Palestinians are really ISIS, and that all Arab guerrillas share the same politics. Not to mention, subscribe to the same version of Islam. Nothing, of course could be further from the truth. It requires an incredible amount of naiveté to take… » read more

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Es geht um die Lücke zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, um den Unterschied zwischen Sagen und Tun, und es geht um einen klaren Fall von Doppelmoral. Deutschland erhebt oft seine mahnende Stimme. Die Bundesregierung gibt sich gerne als Vorkämpferin für Menschenrechte, auch und gerade in der Diskussion um die Ausrichtung der weltgrößten Entwicklungsorganisation, der Weltbank. Berlin… » read more


Fadi Elhusseini Traduction‏ par Assia Akhras Assistons-nous à un signe avant-coureur d’une guerre de religion? Est-ce le début d’une nouvelle ère de violence qui n’épargnera peut être aucune nation ? Qu’est-ce que le radicalisme veut atteindre en commettant de tels actes ? Pourquoi cela se produit-il ? Existe-t-il une solution ?

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