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Today, Theresa May has been criticised for joining the US and France in a military operation in Syria without the approval of the UK parliament. The Prime Minister defends her decision and claims that the UK isn’t blindly following Donald Trump’s administration and that the strike was for the “national safety interest”. According the Prime… » read more

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In another series of unfortunate tweets, D. Trump stated that ‘trade wars are good and easy to win’. The latter came after global actors, including the EU, condemned the US decision to put tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum and promptly responded in kind, therefore possibly triggering a WTO dispute. The US tariffs were… » read more

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  The history of modern Turkey can be summarized as the history of military interventions. In the late Ottoman times, the army was the first and foremost institution through which the modernization steps were taken. In parallel to that, the Army has been seen as the founder and the guardian of the newly founded regime… » read more

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    With an eye to 2019, European Parliament elections and the appointment of a new Commission, Jean Claude Juncker set out a series of ideas to make EU decision making more efficient and bring it closer to its citizens. From Spitzenkandidaten to a double-hatted Commission and Council President, the proposals were presented as pragmatic… » read more

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  Guest blog post by Stefano Quintarelli, Member of Parliament, Italy. Two weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s time to draw some conclusions and try to advance the debate with some structural proposals. Facts are clear: large-scale usage of a massive amount of user’s profiles collected from unaware and non-participating users, utilized to systematically… » read more

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In recent years several leaks of information from tax heavens, some of them are called Swiss leaks, Panama papers or Paradise papers, have raised public awareness of massive tax evasion. Those documents shocked the entire world by how many people, including public officials, were involved. From then on, the endeavour to prevent these tax avoidances… » read more

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In central Europe, for twenty-six years, there have not been any murder of journalists. This changed on the 25th February, 2018, when journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée, Martina Kušnírová, were murdered in cold blood outside Bratislava. In its aftermath, Slovakia is dealing with a crisis of democracy; the murder started a discussion about freedom… » read more

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Both Europe and Hungary were surprised one week ago by witnessing the third, landslide victory of Viktor Orbán, with unexpectedly high participation, resulting a consitutional supermajority. Were the elections fair and democratic? Is the Hungarian illiberalism democracy or dictatorship? What are the cornerstones of the Orbán regime? What about the weak opposition? What are the… » read more

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Article published on the Atlantic Treaty Association Website: Addressing the cyber challenge is a mammoth task that cannot be handled in isolation. Simon Michell reveals how NATO is cooperating with allied and partner nations, industry and other political organisations to shore up its cyber defences Monitoring and policing cyberspace is, in one respect, a… » read more

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