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Political responsibility of Member States for sensitive EU executive action will be hard to get, but it is worth trying. On 14 February 2017, the European Commission submitted a proposal to reform the EU comitology system. It aims at enhancing the transparency and accountability of implementation of EU law in certain highly contentious policy areas,… » read more

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The following article was selected among the best from Christophe Leclercq’s seminar “EU Reporting on Expert Debates”, which he teaches at ULB together with Director of theInstitute for European Studies Ramona Coman. The course is part of the The Executive Master in European Union Studies (MEUS).   Last 28th October, the yearly conference of the… » read more

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The possibility that the efforts of the UK to leave the European Union (“Brexit”) could be undermined by their unelected upper Chamber (the House of Lords) is indicative of the problems of the European Union itself. The power wielded by the unelected British Lords perhaps reflects the power of the mostly unelected (directly) “Eurocrats” that… » read more

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Photo [Frederico07/Wikipedia]   Domenico Lenarduzzi is former Director General of DG EAC at the European Commission and initiator of the Erasmus programme. When asked to comment on the Erasmus4media initiative, he released the following statement:   The initial ERASMUS programme was set-up 30 years ago, as I was in charge. It has been diversifying in… » read more

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  Romania experienced in the last two weeks a great instability in the political sphere that brought half a million people on streets protesting. In order to better understand the situation, we asked AEGEE members to share their experience from the protests in Romania. “I think more and more people realize what it means to… » read more

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Genval, 15th February – Today, the European Parliament has given its consent to the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). In line with the usual European practice, CETA will be temporarily applied as from 1st March, a controversial practice which raises many eyebrows. This is a sad day for public health policy as now… » read more

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Les lecteurs de EU-Logos ont pu suivre régulièrement cette aventure extraordinaire de l’équipe des réfugiés, avant comme après la clôture des Jeux. Elle vient de recevoir une récompense supplémentaire : rassemblant à Rio dix athlètes sélectionnés à-travers le monde, ses membres ont été désignés lundi 13 février pour recevoir le trophée de l’Académie Laureus. Ils… » read more

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The creation of real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications is dependent on leveraging a large volume of commonsense knowledge. Simple semantic interpretation tasks such as understanding that if ‘A is married to B’ then ‘A is the spouse of B’ or that ‘car, vehicle, auto’ have very similar meanings are examples of semantic approximation operations/inferences that… » read more

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Purpose: How local authorities can play a crucial role in combatting radicalization and how the national level and the EU can support these initiatives ? Belgium is an important area concerning people leaving for fighting for the Caliphate, and potentially concerning returns of radicalized adults and children. Mechelen is a multicultural city, including around 20%… » read more

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  After almost two years of relentless works, yesterday in Strasbourg, the European Parliament gave its approval to the transatlantic Agreement binding Canada to the European Union. It is without taking into account the support of the ecologists and much of the socialists that a majority of the liberal members (ALDE), the conservatives (PPE and… » read more

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