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Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar, heißt es in Artikel 1 der Grundrechtecharta der Europäischen Union. Wohlgemerkt – unantastbar ist die Würde des Menschen, nicht nur die des Europäers! Doch Artikel 1 der EU-Grundrechtecharta ist in Brüssel leider nicht viel mehr als ein wohlfeiles Eingangszitat für Festreden zum Thema Flüchtlingsintegration. Flüchtlinge – bloß nicht bei… » read more


Greek PM Tsipras was invited last Monday to participate in Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, an annual meeting held under the auspices of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin aiming -mainly- at boosting Russia’s export capacity. The same day, Greece was invited to become the sixth member of BRICS’s New Development Bank (NDB). International and… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

As investors and officials are promoting a gas pipeline project from the Caspian Sea to Italy, the systematic repression of human rights in Azerbaijan is hardly on the official agenda. The Aliyev regime’s weakly veiled attempts to muzzle dissent illustrate how even the most repressive governments are acceptable partners for Europe’s pet energy projects. by… » read more

  Posted by Bankwatch Seit einigen Jahren, wenn nicht vielleicht sogar mittlerweile Jahrzehnten, beherrscht eine immer deutlicher werdende und immer schwerer zu ertragende Desillusionierung den Kontinent… Die Einheit Europas, wie sie in Aachen Jahr für Jahr beworben wird, sie ist Normalität geworden. Das ist schön – hatte aber auch den unangenehmen Nebeneffekt, dass für diese Normalität niemand mehr… » read more


A Bulgarian painter informs Heard in Europe he was warned nude paintings could not be exposed to the European Parliament, so he over-painted bras and slips to mask the private parts of his male and female figures. Valchan Petrov, a famous Bulgarian painter, told Nova TV on Thursday (14 May) that a commission tasked to… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

Und ewig grüßt Varoufakis. Viele seiner Euro-Kollegen bekommen mittlerweile eine Krise, wenn sie den ewig dozierenden Finanzminister der Hellenischen Republik sehen und beim gefühlt einhundertsten Griechenland-Gipfel feststellen, dass wieder nichts auf dem Tisch liegt, worüber es sich ernsthaft zu diskutieren lohnt. Die Tsipras-Koalition gibt sich als Wohlfühlregierung für alle… Athen agiert so, als verfüge es… » read more


The weekend [9.-10. May 2015] violence in Macedonia (FYROM) [later in short only Macedonia] has sent a wave of anxiety across the Balkans raising concerns about presumed ethnic-Albanian unrest in the volatile region. Eight police officers were killed and 37 were injured in the gun battles, which began at dawn Saturday [9th May 2015], and… » read more

  Posted by AriRusila's Conflicts

Vive Gran Bretaña la más clara representación del drama shakespiriano. Su ser o no ser ha quedado patente en los resultados de las elecciones generales de la pasada semana, pues, más allá de la sorprendente victoria del conservador David Cameron, las encrucijadas que arrojan las urnas son enormes. Por un lado, los tories se hacen… » read more

  Posted by Con acento hispano

These days, the People’s Republic of China and the European Union celebrate the 40th anniversary of their relationship. Given the age of 40, one could assume that the relationship has indeed ‘grown up’ by now. But has it, really? Here are three indicators supporting this view and three against it: China established diplomatic relations in… » read more

  Posted by EUChinaBetween

Asked in a recent EurActiv interview who might be in the same heavyweight league as Europe’s founding fathers, Antoinette Spaak paused a moment before intoning “Guy Verhofstadt”. The blessing might seem humdrum, but coming from the daughter of Paul Henri Charles Spaak, it constitutes a laying-on of hands. To many, Spaak is merely the name… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

  The Risk-Monger attended an event today on lobbying transparency hosted by the European Ombudsman entitled: Is Brussels the new Washington DC? For almost two hours, the room was forced to listen to talk about how to offset the influence of evil industry lobbyists – I was standing with the microphone in my hand, itching… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Nigel Farage’s attempt to step back from his role as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party was today (11 May) soundly rejected by his colleagues. He will carry on, which given his survival of an aeroplane crash during the last election and a nosedive in votes at this one, starts to make him look… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

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