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Peut-on transformer l’art de l’entrepreneuriat et de l’innovation en science ? Et peut-on en limiter les zones d’incertitude ? Eric Ries, auteur du best-seller “Lean Startup” le pense. “Après un échec, nous nous consolons en nous disant que, au moins, l’expérience fût riche d’apprentissage. Mais pourquoi faut-il attendre d’avoir échoué pour apprendre ?”

More and more are those who ask from Germany to act big in order to save the euro from collapsing. Among these voices are top ranked politicians from various countries. The belief that Germany is the Messiah that will save the eurozone is grounded on the observation that the country is indeed the most powerful […]

The eurozone breakup is no longer taboo. Germany and France discuss plans for a radical overhaul of the European Union that would involve setting up a smaller eurozone. Italy, a founding country of the EU, is at near breaking point with yields on its debt bonds at levels seen as unsustainable. Markets reacted sharply, stocks […]

Officially we now are between two EU summits. One took place on October 23 with the aim to set the foundations of an agreement that will finally be reached at the next summit on October 26. In practice the meetings and negotiations have started from Friday and have been taking place ever since until they are concluded on Wednesday night. European elites […]

At the inconclusive twin EU-eurozone summits yesterday, famous journalist Jean Quatremer irked French President Nicolas Sarkozy with a question – the main weapon journalists have as a corrective of power. At the joint press conference Sarkozy gave with German chancellor Angela Merkel, Quatremer was given the chance to ask the first question, in the following […]

The crisis in Europe is systemic. It is rooted in the structural flaws of the Euro and in the malignancies of Europe’s banks. There are solutions, but those can only come from a system-wide strategy. Image Source I am among those who have been advocating since day one that the crisis in Europe is systemic, […]

Steve Jobs

My son called me this morning. He asked if I had heard about the death of Steve Jobs. I had. He said he felt like if someone close was gone. I feel the same way. For several years we have wondered along with the rest of the world what was the phenomenon of this man. […]

Une PME qui s’ouvre, qui utilise les nouveaux outils web de façon efficace, est capable d’utiliser les réseaux comme un bras de levier. Cette petite ou moyenne entreprise peut, si elle en prend conscience de cette capacité, étendre considérablement son rayon d’action, sa vision et son champs de prospection stratégique. Tel est l’un des messages du livre “Small Business Intelligence”, publié ces jours-ci.

Sense and Sensibility

“We shouldn’t invest in energy efficiency because it’s bad for economic growth”, claims Markus Pieper, MEP. All right, he was speaking in German and maybe the EU Parliament’s interpreters were having a tough day. But they can’t have got it completely wrong. He did say saving energy is a bad thing. What an unhelpful remark. […]

Romania has blocked imports of Dutch flowers and bulbs. Oficially the national phytosanitary agency is checking them on suspicions they may contain a mysterious bacteria… Well, not so mysterious, in fact. Bucharest obviously tries to send a message to The Hague, after the Dutch immigration minister repeated that his country would veto Romania and Bulgaria’s […]

Les grands réseaux sociaux, cmme Facebook, LinkedIn ou Twitter, deviennent de plus en plus gros. Les plus petits, en général, fondent lentement. Ils perdent en fréquentation. Tel est l’un des enseignements de cette présentation de InSites, qui souligne également la montée en puissance, en Europe de l’Est, du Russe vKontakte.

The irrationality that is made manifest in just about every European decision vis a vis the crisis, is based on some very sensible real world facts European elites have been dithering for long now and have not yet delivered any rational solution to the systemic crisis of the euro. In fact the irrationality they have […]

It may sound strange. However, I still claim that both Libya and Finance crisis are the perfect illustration of the completely intricate fate of all European countries, may they argue on their so vital peculiarities. Of course, every nation owns some unique features. Nevertheless, our economies are so interdependent that Europe looks much more a… » read more

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