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  The most interesting thing to come out of an interesting month was President Hollande’s 19th of July letter published in the Journal du Dimanche. It called for a “vanguard” of European states, comprising of (at least) the founders of the ECSC, to form a government to manage the Eurozone. This new formation, according to… » read more

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        By Eljalill Tauschinsky On July 6, Austria has gone to Court over EU funding for a nuclear power plant in Britain. According to the Austrian public media, Austria argues that nuclear power is a bad policy choice, inherently unsafe and not future-worthy. The case argued before the Court will likely be… » read more

  Posted by ACELG

La lutte contre la fraude et pour la protection des intérêts financiers de l’Union européenne ont récemment acquis une place importante dans l’agenda européen. Il s’agit de contrôler l’utilisation de l’argent public de manière à renforcer la confiance des citoyens en luttant contre la fraude. En effet, le budget de l’Union européenne est en partie… » read more

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The debate on secrecy about TTIP negotiations is focused on the European Commission not disclosing sufficient information on the positions it defends at the negotiation table. Despite several efforts to improve transparency, such concerns remain prevalent. We argue, however, that the largest obstacle secrecy poses for the success of the TTIP negotiations may not be… » read more

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In the very beginning Tsipras was perceived as an unknown new political force in Europe. In Greece he was considered to be a “leftist parenthesis”. The extreme behaviors noticed during the Greek crisis resulted in clashes between EU partners. At the same time, though, some events stigmatized the “New Europe”.   Many thought that Athens… » read more

  Posted by Inside Greece

Mardi 16 juin 2015, nous avons rencontré dans son bureau bruxellois du Parlement européen, l’eurodéputée française Marie-Christine Vergiat. Membre de la Délégation française du Front de Gauche / Alliance des Outremers et du groupe confédéral de la Gauche unitaire européenne / Gauche verte nordique (GUE/NGL), Marie-Christine Vergiat est élue eurodéputée de la circonscription Sud-Est (Rhône-Alpes,… » read more

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