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Every few decades or so we are brutally reminded that the global economic system can experience serious dysfunctions and that the science called upon to find the necessary remedies is rarely, if ever, up to the task. The latest controversies among economists regarding austerity policies or possible solutions for dealing with sovereign debt are a […]

TweetOpen Letter to the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Parliament   Dear Presidents José Manuel Barroso Herman van Rompuy Martin Schulz   We are deeply concerned about the future of Europe. The ongoing political, social and economic crisis is once again threatening to […]

El próximo 1 de julio de 2013 quedará registrado en los anales de la historia de la construcción europea como el día de una nueva incorporación, el de una nueva ampliación del espacio europeo en virtud de la integración definitiva de pleno derecho de Croacia en la Unión Europea. Esta misma semana el comisario croata, […]

Les 20 et 21 mai 2013 se tenaient à Dublin, sous l’égide de la présidence irlandaise de l’Union européenne, la conférence Open Innovation 2.0 . C’est l’occasion, pour la Commission européenne, de présenter l’édition 2013 de son rapport annuel sur l’innovation ouverte : Open innovation 2.0 Yearbook 2013 .

by Ben Patterson, former MEP and current chairman of the Conservative Party in Kent. What on earth is going on inside the Conservative Party? Are the last years of the Major Government repeating themselves, with “Europe” once again tearing the Part…

Whatever dreams environmentalists may have of a world fed by a chemical-free organic agriculture, the hard reality is likely to be something very different. Laudable though the green farming paradigm may be, it is certain that a largely increased and more prosperous world population will only be fed by increased agricultural output. Such increase can […]

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