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Catalonia’s Groundhog Day

Guest post by Luis Pablo, PhD student in Financial Economics. When Spanish President Rajoy announced in October that he would start the legal procedures to remove the Catalan government and call for regional elections, many people, especially in Catalonia, breathed a sigh of relief: the trip to nowhere initiated a few years ago by Catalan… » read more

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The migration crisis has been and still is a dominant issue within European politics. The European solution based on the solidarity principle was the refugee redistribution quota. In opposing to this plan, the V4 became a symbol of non-solidarity in Europe. The migration crisis exposed a clash of fundamental values in Europe. Particularly within the… » read more

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Open letter of French and German NGOs addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the International Green week, the 55 anniversary of the signing of the Elysee Treaty and the upcoming informal European Council of 23 February 2018: Dear Chancellor Merkel and President Macron, The supporting French… » read more

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Gastbeitrag von Vlad Plahotniuc, Vorsitzender der Demokratischen Partei Moldaus. Es gibt Zeiten, in denen sich jedes Land einmal an einem Scheideweg befindet: etwa wenn es vor der Aufgabe steht, wandelnden Ansprüchen und Möglichkeiten gerecht zu werden, wichtige strukturelle Herausforderungen zu bewältigen oder zentrale gesellschaftliche Werte neu zu definieren. Besonders in der heutigen Zeit, in der… » read more

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This week in Talking Europe: We will have a look at the Franco-British summit and see whether Germany will have a government anytime soon. Entente or Détente: A Franco-Britain Summit Franco British Military Summit: The French President, Emmanuel Macron, brought the British a long desired gift. During the summit with Theresa May, he announced that… » read more

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  The Dutch water sector believes that pharmaceutical residues should not be found in drinking water sources. Responsibility should be taken along the chain       Around 10-15 years ago, the first research reports were published stating that surface water in The Netherlands contained pharmaceutical residues. The concentrations of these residues were extremely low.… » read more

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Le trafic illicite d’armes est un des trafics les plus importants dans le monde, ayant des conséquences significatives sur la vie des personnes. Que ce soit parce que ce trafic permet à des criminels d’utiliser des armes lors de braquages, ou lors de rivalités territoriales entre plusieurs groupes ; ou parce qu’il alimente des conflits… » read more

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Die geschäftsführende schwarz-rote Bundesregierung hat – und das war genau so gewollt – alle sich bietenden Möglichkeiten genutzt, um die Zuwanderung nach Deutschland zu begrenzen. Auch die SPD übrigens, die sich jetzt über den Migrations-Passus im gemeinsamen Sondierungspapier von Union und SPD aufregt. In der Großen Koalition aber haben die Sozialdemokraten in den vergangenen vier… » read more


The Greek members of Parliament have adopted on 15 January a very controversial measure, by a 154 to 141 vote, that affects the right to go on strike in the country. Already overwhelmed by many fiscal crises in recent years, Greece must continually face new austerity reforms proposed by its government. This time, the population… » read more

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  Guest post by Doriane de Lestrange, lawyer focusing on EU Regulatory law   The High Level Group on Fake News is about to hold its inaugural meeting this January 2018, at a time where more and more Member States are addressing this topic at national level thus pressuring the EU Commission to act against… » read more

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Künftige Europapolitik

Bei nüchterner Betrachtung stimmen die Proportionen nicht. Drei Seiten widmen die Sondierer der künftigen Europapolitik, und der ganze Text liest sich, als hätten die drei Parteien all die Abschnitte aus den jeweiligen Wahlprogrammen zusammengetragen, damit das Ganze eine runde Sache wird. Dramaturgisch sollte das wohl ein gewichtiger Aufschlag werden, ein symbolischer Hinweis auf die gemeinsame… » read more


The HLG on “fake news” will advise the EU Commission on misinformation spreading across traditional and social media, and how to cope with its social and political consequences. All foreseen categories are present: 8 academics, 11 representatives of the written press & journalist unions, 7 from broadcast news, 7 from civil society and fact-checking, and… » read more

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