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In the last days of COP23, a final text came out that defines the Tanaloa Dialogue, and thus lays out the path for an inclusive climate dialogue during 2018. The COP22 and COP24 presidencies consulted all the countries to agree on how this process will look like.   But what is the Tanaloa Dialogue? It… » read more

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  [Shutterstock] CRACOW, POLAND – JULY 23, 2017: People protest against violation the constitutional law in Poland. Defense of the triad of division of power and independence of the highest court in Poland.   On November 15th, on the radio show CQFD broadcasted on La Première, I debated with Nicolas Gros-Verheyde (@bruxelles2) on this topical… » read more

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Guest post by Tin Gazivoda, Senior Program Officer at The Open Society Initiative for Europe. Big changes are underway in Gdansk, Poland today. Since July 2016, some of the city’s most vexing problems have been dealt with calmly – even enjoyably — by a changing, randomly-selected “citizens assembly” made up of approximately 60 ordinary city… » read more

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Whistleblowers, an increasingly widespread phenomenon On 24th October 2017, the European Parliament largely approved the report by MEP Virginie Rozière, Socialist and Democrats group, on legitimate measures to protect whistleblowers acting in the public interest. The report refers to all those people who, with an outburst of civic sense, endanger their working and private tranquility… » read more

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In the digital age, with the rise of social media platforms, information has become prolific. News and reports are accessible in one click. The challenge for media and communication will be the attention of users. Fake news and disinformation are impacting political campaigns, social media and communication, as well as people’s daily lives and the… » read more

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Prendre en considération les phénomènes migratoires en Europe La migration est définie par l’Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM) comme le « déplacement d’une personne ou d’un groupe de personnes, soit entre pays, soit dans un pays entre deux lieux situés sur son territoire ». « La notion de migration englobe tous les types de… » read more

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L’on se souvient de l’histoire du fou qui saute dans le vide du 100ème étage d’un building et qui parvenu au 50ème s’exclame : « jusqu’ici tout va bien, … ». Ainsi en va-t-il de Mme May qui selon l’humeur plaide un jour pour le « soft Brexit », le lendemain pour le « Hard… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Oxfam’s new report unpacks the EU’s support for addressing the “root causes” of migration By Raphael Shilhav “Root causes”. When it comes to responding to migration and to managing it, there are few phrases that have been more overused and abused. Since 2015, politicians have been promising to address the “root causes of irregular migration”… » read more

  Posted by Oxfam's EU Advocacy office in Brussels

Spaß macht es dem EU-Chefverhandler spürbar nicht, sich in “Täglich grüßt das Murmeltier”-Manier nach jeder gescheiterten Brexit-Gesprächsrunde vor die Brüsseler Journalisten zu stellen und zu verkünden, dass es leider mal wieder keinen Fortschritt gegeben habe… Michel Barnier greift nun zum letzten Mittel, das er in der Sakko-Tasche hat: der Drohung. Gibt es in zwei Wochen… » read more


Reweaving the support systems of world seed business in one paper , I found attitude of some EU countries quite interesting. In 1980’s, they have decided to support firstly those seed companies, working autogam plants, for 25 years. The state which provides credit, scientific consultancy, expert, infrastructure and hardware support in the legal arrangements, especially… » read more

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