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by Bill Hemmings, aviation manager at Transport & Environment As the crowds admire all the new aircraft and high-tech displays at Paris Bourget this week, it’s important to remember that the aviation sector faces a serious and growing challenge if it is to adequately rise to the climate change challenge. International aviation emissions have grown 90… » read more

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More spacious, modern interiors New technologies that drive additional fuel efficiencies Advanced materials that save weight Boeing outlined at Le Bourget in France a variety of leading-edge technologies with the potential to make the flying experience more comfortable and exciting, as well as making airplanes more economical and efficient. Boeing presented an overview of its research and… » read more

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Guest blog post by Egons Mudulis and Dienas Bizness. Ministers of Transport and Heads of Delegations of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member countries, the European Union (EU), international transport organizations and institutions, transport associations, business leaders of the transport and logistics industry participating at the 3rd ASEM Transport Ministers’ Meeting agreed to promote multimodal transport connectivity between… » read more

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By Andrew Murphy, aviation policy officer at Transport & Environment Ending the generous tax exemptions aviation enjoys would create a level playing field between all transport modes, help meet our 2030 climate targets, and answer the EU’s call for a shift away from labour taxation. The Commission’s country-specific recommendations in its European Semester report last […]

This blogpost by Carlos Calvo Ambel, energy policy analyst at Transport & Environment, was first published by EurActiv The global picture is clear: both demand for surface transport and resulting CO2 emissions are going to skyrocket by 2050. Even for those who analyse transport on a daily basis the figures are startling – an increase of […]

This blogpost by Bill Hemmings, bunkers manager at Transport & Environment, was first published by EurActiv The UNFCCC negotiating text took an important step forward last week with the inclusion in the text of wording calling for the setting of emission reduction targets for international shipping and aviation, in the context of the objective of […]

Les systèmes de transport intelligents (STI) sont une énième vitrine pour l’exportation française. Basés sur une communication et une information optimales, ils concourent à la mobilité de demain, pour des retombées environnementales et économiques positives. L’heure est à l’intelligence ; pas celle des hommes – quoique – mais celle de l’objet. L’inanimé tend, depuis des […]

This blogpost by Bill Hemmings and Andrew Murphy of T&E and Mark Lutes of Climate Action Network International was first published in Eco In the final years of negotiations for the new climate agreement, it’s still not clear if it will include the fastest growing emissions sources — international aviation and shipping, also known as bunker […]

That the title of this post has a certain truth in it is undisputable. Flexibility has always been a high good, not only because of our daily commute and work related trips, but also for all of our private movements. The ability to participate online in an event, even in our daily work (i.e. telecommuting), […]

By Nusa Urbancic, Transport & Environment‘s energy programme manager. We live in a world where governments struggle to address climate change. Scientific advice on what needs to be done to stop warming our planet is very clear: stop burning fossil fuels. Even the rather conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) agrees: we need to leave more than […]

The rapid slide in oil prices, down 41% since June, has left the aviation industry struggling to defend its continuing high fuel surcharges and reports of record profits, writes Andrew Murphy. Here is IATA’s director general, Tony Tyler, updating his stance on oil prices in light of recent developments: Reuters reported in November 2014: “Lower jet fuel prices, which make up […]

Boeing’s specially outfitted 787 ecoDemonstrator flight test aircraft has completed its first flight using “green diesel,” a sustainable biofuel blended 15 per cent with 85 per cent conventional petroleum. Green diesel is made from vegetable oil, cooking oil waste and animal fat waste, which eliminate indirect land-use consequences associated with biofuels made from feedstocks. The fuel […]

Deutsche Maut in Europa

Eigentlich ist es ja unmöglich, über die deutsche Maut keine Glosse zu schreiben – aber wie schön, dass Deutschland sonst keine Probleme hat und deshalb die Maut-Nervensägerei im Hochbetriebsmodus laufen kann. Die ganze Mautgeschichte ist von ihrem Ursprung und Verlauf her ein schönes Beispiel dafür, dass eine politische Forderung, so sinnvoll oder sinnlos sie auch […]

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