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Orgalime have recently brought to the European Commission’s attention (24 Oct 11), information concerning a situation that might be considered as ‘potentially constituting’ abuse of dominant position in the US market. For years, European component manufacturers have been suffering the consequences arising from the practices of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US certification market. Taking […] What have the Internal Market and the London riots got in common? There are many examples of lack of law enforcement – the most recent shocking events around the city of London ‘riots’ saw everyday citizens turn to breaking the law, because they could. Of course it is illegal to loot – the […]

In 1997, ETAG 001 “Metal anchors for use in concrete” has been issued by the European Commission as the first valid ETAG ever. Please read more on the importance of approved anchors for end users and installers in the “Guidance Note: European Technical Approvals for Anchors used in construction”. Since 1997, about 500 European Technical… » read more

The position adopted by the Council (document 10753/10 dated 06.07.2010) introduces remarkable improvements compared to the initial proposal of the Commission (KOM(2008) 311 final), not least by inclusion of a relevant number of amendments from the 1st Reading in the European Parliament of 23.04.2009. Relevant improvements have been made in the context of the suitability… » read more

Islands Whaling

This week the EU will start to review Iceland’s application to join the EU. Even though the country is suffering very badly because of the economic chaos that occurred last year the EU spokesman has said this is a country is the best candidate to join the EU in years. The biggest problem, on the other hand, with Iceland is its controversial… » read more

Since the financial crisis, the banking sector has been affected by issues linked to accounting policies and standards. These include challenges associated with fair value accounting, pro-cyclicality and comparability of numbers, as well as performance in financial reports. It is reassuring that after the G20 request to international standard-setters in April  2009 to clarify accounting… » read more

Wieviel Wettbewerb wo? Ein kleines Blitzlicht Als Berichterstatter im Industrie-Ausschuβ (ITRE) war ich in den letzten Monaten zuständig für den Entwurf einer Stellungnahme, die dem Wirtschaftsausschuβ zu dessen Bericht über die wettbewerbspolitische Bilanz der EU-Kommission für 2008 zugeliefert werden soll. Aufgegriffen werden durften nur Stichpunkte, die im Zuständigkeitsbereich des ITRE liegen. Zudem war für meinen… » read more

Is the tap opening?

Back in October 2008 in an article about the World economy I wondered “with all these gigantic losses to the taxpayer, investors, banks and other financial institutions employees, who are the ones that gain? We are talking about large amounts of wealth and their frightening negotiating power on future arrangements of the financial and perhaps… » read more

On Thursday 26th March, Blogactiv spoke to the Director of the International Relations Department of BusinessEurope. Dr van den Hoven moderated Workshop I – titled Protectionism: an increasing concern? – at EBS 2009. The session included Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO and Baroness Ashton, EU Commissioner for Trade. If you have an opinion… » read more

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