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Guest post by Christian Borggreen, Vice President of CCIA Europe An often overlooked European success story is how hundred of thousands of European small companies have thrived thanks to the Internet. With a few clicks on the keyboard, the smallest European firm can now export to consumers across the EU, and the rest of the… » read more

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Guest blog post by Margit Schratzenstaller, Alexander Krenek (Austrian Institute of Economic Research), Danuše Nerudová, Marian Dobranschi (Mendel University Brno). The debate about EU taxes, which as “genuine own resources” may replace (partially) current own resources funding the EU budget (primarily consisting of national contributions) is an old one. It has been pushed by the… » read more

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La période estivale a été riche en évènements qui ont mis en évidence l’intérêt et l’utilité de l’Union européenne. Grèce, producteurs de porcs ou de lait, migrants et réfugiés, terrorismes et sécurité des transports, libre circulation des Européens au sein de l’Union, protection des frontières et garde-côtes européenne voilà autant d’exemples qui, s’ils peuvent se… » read more

“..there would also be political impacts of TTIP for Turkey because according to Kader Sevinç, Representative of the Republican People’s Party in Brussels, TTIP represents a new Western world order. From her statement, it could be deduced that through TTIP the US would be able to create the new Western axis against China economically and… » read more

The European Commission is currently undertaking a wide-ranging analysis of the nature of the pension challenges which face Europe through a public consultation entitled Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems. These challenges are inextricably linked to issues in the wider economy and wider society and should be tackled through a joined-up, strategic approach… » read more

So far, the only alternative to Cap & Trade schemes seems to be plain taxation of emitted GHG’s. Still, there are several problems associated with taxes: – An expected tax might simply be included in the production price, hence potentially triggering inflation and generating immediate windfall profits for the emitters. – Choosing and measuring emissions… » read more

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, en su “Carta a José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero“, señalaba hace unos días la necesidad de avanzar, durante la Presidencia española de la UE, en tres temas concretos: una Hacienda comunitaria, combatir el fraude fiscal y cambiar el modelo energético. Aunque otro día hablaremos de la Hacienda comunitaria y del modelo energético, hoy me… » read more

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