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Cuentos chinos

La serpiente informativa de verano de este año ha venido en forma de crisis bursátil china. Paradojas de la globalización que transmite temores a los mercados internacionales desde un parqué bursátil de una economía planificada comunista. Este mundo de contradicciones que convierte en segunda economía mundial a China, el capitalismo colectivizado que mientras trata de… » read more

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  Let me start this follow-up blog with some definitions: Entrepreneur: One who takes risks, creates opportunities and seeks to innovate and solve problems Contrapreneur: One who is risk averse, creates fears and seeks to inhibit innovation (identified as the cause of problems) In yesterday’s blog, we considered how the strategy of pushing for hazard-based regulation… » read more

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Etat d’urgence

Un an après que Michael Brown, le jeune de 18 ans non armé, ait été abattu par un officier de police à Ferguson, Missouri, la ville est à nouveau dans la tourmente. Beaucoup de choses se sont passées depuis l’homicide de Brown l’année dernière. Aujourd’hui, l’Amérique n’est plus ce qu’elle était l’an passé. La mort… » read more

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The first-ever EU global fishing transparency website, shows that 15,264 EU vessels were authorised to fish outside EU waters between 2010 and 2014   29th July 2015: Today, the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), Oceana and WWF heralded a new era of fisheries transparency with the launch of an online database detailing 15,264 EU vessels… » read more

  Posted by Oceana Europe

  When speaking on food issues, I sometimes poll participants with questions like how many would buy a black banana. Only a few, usually those suspicious of me, would raise their hands. Even though we know that a banana is at its most nutritious when it turns black, we resist this rationality and follow the emotional… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

  The Risk-Monger spent the day on a large Belgian farm having the opportunity to see the challenges and opportunities farmers are presently facing. I was able to tour the fields and barns, hear how they are trying to address sustainability questions. I was impressed but I could not help thinking how the idealists (those… » read more

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  There are two toxic pesticides: Rotenone and Azadirachtin, that need to be banned in order to ensure the safety of humans, bees and the environment. There is insufficient data on either of these toxins yet they are tolerated on American and European markets merely because they are natural bio-pesticides used by organic farmers. A… » read more

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  Dear Kumi, I know you are a person who wishes to portray a resolute strength of character, whether it is in your friendship with Nelson Mandela or your struggle against apartheid (from Oxford) or your taking over the leadership of Greenpeace at this important turning point in the organisation’s history. But history will judge your greatness ultimately on… » read more

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Guest Blog post by EurActiv’s Development Policy Section’s Editors The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – global targets for international development – will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire at the end of 2015. In EurActiv’s recent Reader Survey focused on our multi-language EU Development Policy content (and subsequently via EurActiv’s Development Policy-focused… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

  Many in industry and government get attacked quite often by activists or journalists with claims and allegations that are often outrageous, slanderous or simply ridiculous. As facts don’t matter and evidence is not necessary for those with an agenda, how you respond is the essential means to shape the public perception and trust of… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Le fédéralisme ne serait-il pas une véritable épine dans le pied du Royaume-Uni? Le nouveau gouvernement conservateur issu des élections générales britanniques va devoir faire face à de nombreux défis. Mais deux sujets éclipsent tous les autres. Je pense d’une part à la redéfinition de la position du Royaume-Uni dans l’Union européenne et d’autre part… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

When an industry lobbies to defend its market or interest, that is a normal part of the policy dialogue mechanism. When an industry lobbies to undermine trust in its competition, then we should have serious ethical questions about how that industry monitors its practices. When an industry knowingly spreads lies, or encourages others to do… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

  May is parade month in Brussels, but one cannot help but already notice the impressive parade of stupid marching through this town, and nowhere more can this be better exemplified than in the activism surrounding bee health and neonicotinoid pesticides. For much of the last four years, campaigners have been falling over themselves using… » read more

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