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The insanity of the “troika” (EU-IMF-ECB) to demand more austerity, more of the drug that utterly failed to contain the spiraling depression in Greece, meets the approval of the Greek government that seems to be determined to take whatever measures necessary to appease the troika’s officials and receive the next tranche of loans that will […]

Scenes from London. Image Source: Global Public Square – CNN Violence erupted in London and some other cities across the UK. Young men and women from poor neighborhoods went out on the streets looting shops, setting buildings ablaze and fighting the police. The events have been characterized as “nothing more than wanton criminality”. Is this […]

What will be the future of Schengen? Image source: Europe of Human Rights On July 4 the Danish authorities decided to reintroduce customs controls. A decision which is directly against the fundamental principles of the Schengen Agreement, that provide for free movement among all states that signed the agreement. Before labeling Denmark as the “black […]

Solutions from Slovakia on the Eurozone Crisis Directed utilization of a mix of instruments 1.) Restructuring parts of debt forgiveness (15-20%) 2.) Internal devaluation (20-25%) 3.) Measures by the Greek government for more effective tax collection and elimination of unproductive expenditures. 4.) Bridging loans from Eurozone mechanisms and the IMF. Together the above form a… » read more

I really like the title by EurActiv France: “Schengen : la France opportuniste“. By introducing de facto border controls at its borders with Italy, France created a huge political turmoil. But the bad example is always contagious. When Denmark did something worse, announcing it would re-introduce border controls at all its borders, France appeared as […]

For Greece, it all started in late 2009. One bright day around mid-November, the now ruling Socialist government of G. Papandreou decided to take Greece out of the closet and reveal the true size of Greece’s deficit to the world. The funny thing is, back then no one was really shocked. “Greek statistics”, the constant… » read more

Many youth decide to follow the courses of an educational institution without knowing if that particular career fits their personality or not. Furthermore, most of the theoretic courses don’t prepare students for the real-life experience of a certain profession.

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