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At “regulations” level Starting from the principle that “all is communication”, 500 pages of regulations are the first difficulty to convey the “structural” message. Language and titles are also important, above of all when working with different language and cultural contexts. Ex. Why do we call it “European fund for Maritime and Fisheries Affairs” instead… » read more

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On April 16, the Turkish people voted in a constitutional referendum deciding whether to broaden the Presidential office’s influence at the expense of the parliament, further undermining the fragile Turkish parliamentary democracy and pushing it further towards authoritarianism. Erdogan’s razor-thin victory of (51,3%), allowed for the realization of his long-time effort to redefine his position… » read more

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2016 was a year that sent shockwaves through the Western world. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Britain voted to leave the European Union. All amidst a backdrop of terrorist attacks across Europe. 2017 could very well provide new shocks, with elections coming up in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the… » read more

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Nedaa Salama’s PowerPoint slides are captivating but I don’t want to look at them. As she addresses the full room of researchers, policymakers, project leaders and media representatives in her native Arabic, I only have eyes for her. This is a repost of RUWOMED and the economic empowerment of women in rural Palestine and Lebanon,… » read more

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Do you know how much funding the EU has contributed to projects in your local community? If you do, then you are in a minority. This is a repost of Share stories, not stats: Improving the communication of EU-funded projects, originally published on Medium by Clarissa Hirst (@clarissa_hirst, LinkedIn) after the European Week of Regions… » read more

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It is hardly a secret that the most vocal advocates of NATO expansion into East-Central Europe were the U.S. weapons manufacturers and their lobbyists. For instance, one of the founders of the U.S. Committee to Expand NATO, a non-profit advocacy organization, was Bruce Jackson, a vice president at Lockheed Martin and a former U.S. Army… » read more

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A few months ago we published an entry in the Cantabriaa Europa blog about Cabárceno Nature Park, which was competing in “Europe in My Region”, a competition organised by the Directorate-General for Regional Policy of the European Commission. This is a repost of La Semana Europea de las Regiones y las Ciudades 2016, originally published… » read more

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  Yuriy Poyta, Dmitriy Zolotukhin French and German companies, which lobby the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the EU countries Despite the efforts of the powerful pro-Russian lobby in the political and business structures of Europe, on July 1, 2016, the EU extended the economic sanctions against Russia. Restrictive measures cover the financial, energy… » read more

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The EU in the Cliffs

No, you’re in luck: I’m not about to talk about Brexit. I’ve just returned from yet another little trip back home to my most beautiful country of Malta. This is a repost of The EU in the Cliffs, originally published by Claire Bonello (@claire_bonello, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr), and submitted to the Europe in My Region… » read more

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Hello, hallo, buon giorno Mummies of Europe. Today, I want to tell you about a European project that is of particular interest to me: the Strasbourg-Kehl French-German nursery. This is a repost of LA CRÈCHE FRANCO-ALLEMANDE, originally published in French by Sandra Dranne Foussier (@mamansdeurope, Facebook, Instagram), and submitted to the Europe in My Region… » read more

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