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After a particular campaign often distinguished by anti-Islam, anti-Turkey, and anti-immigration rhetoric, the Dutch vote on the general elections held on Wednesday 15 March proved populists wrong giving another mandate to the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. His People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) managed to see off the anti-immigration Party for Freedom (PVV) led… » read more

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Last Sunday, Austrians were voting for the second time to elect their president. The past elections, in May, had been annulled by the constitutional court following irregularities in the counting procedure in several constituencies. Alexander Van der Bellen, a Green politician who ran as an independent, had then won the elections with a very small… » read more

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This is not the type of blog I usually write. But today is different. Winter is here. How does Twitter react to Donald Trump winning the US election 2016? Have a look at my personal impression of Twitter reactions. It may give you some hope – and perhaps even a brief smile. Will the outcome… » read more

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Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual political festival, brings together politicians, the press, business leaders and advocacy organisations with the public, for four days. This year, it will be invaded by European extremists. Held on the island of Bornholm, and inspired by a Swedish tradition, the June festival is meant to be an informal gathering, which, apart from… » read more

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Who’s this enjoying a cosy get together at a European Parliament bar? Why, it’s none other than disgraced former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen! And is that disgraced former British National Party leader Nick Griffin sitting with him? It is! What on Earth could that gruesome twosome, both former MEPs, have to talk about… » read more

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Janice Atkinson will continue as a member of the European Parliament, despite being kicked out of the UK Independence Party for allegedly fiddling her drinks expenses. The MEP’s chief of staff was filmed by The Sun – Britain’s best-selling newspaper – asking for a cocktail party bill to be tripled so she could “repatriate” the… » read more

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Bulgaria’s constitution includes a wide range of social rights. However, the ‘democratic, law-governed and social state’ has been characterized as ‘chronically incapable of coping with its social problems or improving its level of economic prosperity’.  Moreover, the Bulgarian ‘minimal state’ often cannot provide its citizens even with basic necessities, such as food, electricity, central heating,… » read more

Elecciones nacionales y política europeaLa elección presidencial francesa demuestra, una vez más, hasta qué punto Europa es tributaria de los procesos electorales nacionales. Todo parece indicar que la elección de François Hollande puede llevar a una revisión del Pacto Fiscal impuesto por Alemania a través del añadido de un protocolo sobre crecimiento y empleo. Sería… » read more

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