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Der Nachbar ist zurück. Im Januar saß ich wie elektrifiziert vor dem Fernseher, habe keine Nachrichtsendung verpasst und habe mit den Tunesiern gefeiert. Im Februar habe ich mit den Ägyptern gebangt und gejubelt. Im März hat mich das Beben, die Welle und das Nukleardesaster in Japan geschockt.

While national Fidesz, the strongest governing party in Europe, is taking an effort to finish a new constitution for Hungary, its municipal group in Budapest has different ambitions. The party has won over the city council for the first time in October 2010 and it is busy re-arranging the streetmap.

József Szájer, MEP and founding member for Fidesz, the Hungarian governing party that has secured a two-thirds supermajority with 53% of the votes in 2010 boasts that the Hungarian constitution is written on iPad. Actually, on his iPad. Mr Szájer is a member of the European Parliament, and also the leader of the committee that… » read more

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