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By Otmar Lahodynsky, President of AEJ       A new EU-directive is likely to threaten investigative journalism throughout Europe. Its main objective is the protection against disclosure and theft of secret business information like patents, innovative technologies or recipes. But NGOs and journalists’ associations warn that this directive could endanger freedom of expression and… » read more

An array of sophisticated language technologies could help ideas flow across EU borders, link national conversations together and support the EU Online Public Sphere – the demos the EU needs. But BloggingPortal is unlikely to feature them. [update (17/5/15): I finally decided to kick Medium’s tyres by reposting this there, with less history. Medium’s editor is actually… » read more

Alexander Kashamov, attorney-at-law, head of the legal team of Access to Information Programme *The text was published in Bulgarian on 20 July On 30th June 2014 the MP Jordan Tzonev put forward in the National Assembly a text suggested by the Bulgarian national bank (the Central bank) that was looking to criminalize a certain type… » read more

Need a change

I think that in Europe it is time to think about immigration problems. The Europeans no longer seem mannered, reserved, correct people. The reason for this trend is the blind imitation of the mass culture of show business. Relegated to the background values of family, home, children. Europe is time to understand that we should… » read more

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