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Le fédéralisme ne serait-il pas une véritable épine dans le pied du Royaume-Uni? Le nouveau gouvernement conservateur issu des élections générales britanniques va devoir faire face à de nombreux défis. Mais deux sujets éclipsent tous les autres. Je pense d’une part à la redéfinition de la position du Royaume-Uni dans l’Union européenne et d’autre part… » read more

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These days, the People’s Republic of China and the European Union celebrate the 40th anniversary of their relationship. Given the age of 40, one could assume that the relationship has indeed ‘grown up’ by now. But has it, really? Here are three indicators supporting this view and three against it: China established diplomatic relations in… » read more

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We’ve all done things we’ve regretted after a Guinness or seven on St Patrick’s Day. Heard in Europe certainly has woken up with a few regrets in the past. That’s why we we are not rushing to judge Commissioners Cañete and Vella for this snap, posted on Twitter. Happy St Patrick’s Day with el San […]

Das Kopftuch ist nur ein kleines Stück Stoff, und doch hat es die Gemüter in Deutschland mehr erregt als jedes andere Kleidungsstück zuvor. Warum eigentlich? Vielleicht ist es das Houellebecqsche Schreckensszenario, das durch unsere Köpfe geistert: In seinem jüngsten Buch hat der französische Bestsellerautor die Vision entwickelt, dass unsere westliche, durch Multikulti-Idealismus gelähmte Gesellschaft peu […]

  On February 27th the Turbine Gallery in Nordkraft will close the doors of the exhibition displaying neighbourhood photos from Aalborg and three other European cities.   Stunning photos portraying the spirit and life of Aalborg, Birmingham, Lisbon and Milan  were captured by their citizens as part of MyNeighbourhood project. All four cities competed to find […]

Le vote grec bouscule les européens. Nos concitoyens ont l’impression que la solution est inextricable et que l’UE n’a pas réussi a stabiliser le processus d’accompagnement de ce pays en grande difficulté. Lorsque l’on prend part à une discussion le sujet tourne essentiellement autour de des problématiques économique, financière et monétaire. Mais si ces dimensions […]

Romania has surprised Europe by electing Klaus Iohannis, an ethnic German, as president of the country. There has been much speculation about an imminent powerful link of Romania to Berlin. It seems that Mr. Iohannis is also perfect in relating with th…

In the wake of the tragic massacre of cartoonists from Paris on the 7th of January, most major news services around the Western world, from The New York Times to The Guardian and Deutsche Welle, have highlighted in editorials the dire living conditions in which many French Muslims are forced to live.   To be […]

To hell with ethnic purity

The French, who for so long talked about ‘nos ancêtres, les Gaulois’, may have felt justified in not looking too closely at their antecedence. The Germanic element is in fact more important: according to Luigi Barzini, the Italian author and politician, almost half the inhabitants of present-day France are the descendants of Germanic tribes. As […]