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  Europe is the most open continent. Faced with less growth for part of its citizens, islamist terrorism and an increase in migrants and refugee influx, should it seize-up and become a ’Fortress Europe’? The above Eurobarometer suggests that, for the first time, Terrorism is EU citizens’ main concern, taking over from Immigration which took… » read more

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Il y a 3 ans la Suisse surprenait l’Europe par sa votation fermant le pays à l’Immigration de masse. Ce mois-ci, le gouvernement Suisse a tranché. Au nom du libre accès des Suisses à l’Europe de la Connaissance il a confronté les populistes et les xénophobes en acceptant de laisser entrer les travailleurs Croates –… » read more

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The number of asylum seekers coming to the European Union (EU) has declined in recent months. Yet, challenges posed by these new arrivals are actually only starting. Likewise, the McKinsey institute expects that roughly 1,3 million out of the 2,3 million newcomers will soon attain refugees status and remain in the union in the long… » read more

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So I’m in the final stages of my dissertation looking at partisan responses to European integration and a noticeable trend exists in the literature: far right parties are termed the ‘extremist right’ while far left parties are the ‘radical left’. Why is this? And how did such bias ever get through peer review?

The 9th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA) that took place April 19 at the Teresa Carreno Theatre in Venezuela produced fruitful discussions targeting regional integration and independence. Coinciding with the summit, Venezuelans celebrated the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the wars of independence and paid tribute to… » read more

The migration of workers to the European countries has been on the rise for the last few decades but several divergences on the issue have hindered the implementation at the EU level of measures guaranteeing a common set of rights for all migrant workers. Beyond the phenomenon of irregular migrants working in undeclared labour, which… » read more

Following my previous contribution, I would like to add some relatively good news stemming from the second European Integration Forum, organised by the European Commission along with the European Economic and Social Committee and that was held on 12 and 13 November. Even though at the institutional level important proposals as the directive on a… » read more

The Brussels Valley?

I received a contribution to the debate about European clusters, which begins here with the post “A Cluster Policy for Europe?” The author of this answer, Olivier, being employed in an European institution, has good reasons to remain anonymous. His opinion does not express an official position. I thank him sincerely for his enriching the… » read more

Une étudiante en journalisme, Johanna Pierre, m’a posé quelques questions sur Blogactiv dans le cadre de son mémoire universitaire, et sur mon travail de blogueur. Je me permets de publier mes réponses ici, par souci de transparence, et par désir d’apporter une modeste contribution à la réflexion sur la société civile européenne. * 1) Quel… » read more

La crise politique belge a aussi pour effet secondaire d’agiter le milieu des politologues. Philippe Moreau-Defarges soutient aujourd’hui dans Le Monde une opinion singulière : « L’intégration européenne a un effet désintégrateur sur les Etats ». Le professeur à Sciences Po explique : « Les Etats perdent beaucoup de compétences qui sont transférées vers l’UE,… » read more

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