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The Show Must Go On

In the aftermath of the bailout terms, one hysteria left and another came. People hailed the termed bailout as the beginning of the end for the European project, just as they hailed the avoided Grexit as another end of the European project. Suddenly, it’s December of 2012 and everyone is talking about the immanent dissolution… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

As it happened, I was unable to attend the lecture by Prof. Finn E. Kydland and Prof. Edward C. Prescott, entitled ‘The Poor Economic Performances in the EU and the US: Problems are Political, not Economic’, which took place on June 24th in Warsaw. I was in Sopot at that time, presenting the energy and… » read more

Entre deux camps

L’horrible massacre à l’Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church à Charleston a déclenché une bataille de camps qui nous a donné le sentiment que la guerre civile ne s’était pas terminée il y a 150 ans. Cinq décennies après l’abolition officielle de la ségrégation dans tous les états américains, des incidents de bigoterie surgissent à plusieurs… » read more

European Energy Union

The union grows through crises – this phrase yields some 20 million search results about the European Union, even without clarifying what kind of union is meant, while searches related to the growth vision for the European Union, run in various configurations, return 500 thousand results at best. This is several times less than in… » read more

In the recent news about Greece, there is one issue that keeps on resurfacing: trust. News reports will state that there is a ‘trust gap’ between Greece and the Troika, that creditors don’t trust Greece’s plans and the breakdown of the talks was ultimately caused by a lack of trust between the negotiating parties. In… » read more

Governing Europe is a monumental task, so it behoves us to learn from other points in history when we undertook other monumental tasks in government. Therefore, I am of the position that the lessons of 19th century imperial governance hold many lessons for a people who have hyper-prioritised the importance of nations. I have put… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

Is it really eleven years ago that Cyprus became a member of the EU, during the largest-ever round of enlargement? I have a fairly vivid recollection of 2004, a turning point in Cyprus political history. The referendum rejection of the UN reunification (Annan) plan by the Greek Cypriots had as result the complete isolation of… » read more

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