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EU Community is developing several tools to identify relevant experts and key documents in the EU legislative process. EURACTORY – Identifies the relevant experts EurActory identifies relevant experts and key stakeholders on EU policy-making. EurActory’s beta version was presented at the European Parliament on 29 January 2015. More than 150 invitees confirmed their interest in… » read more

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These days, the People’s Republic of China and the European Union celebrate the 40th anniversary of their relationship. Given the age of 40, one could assume that the relationship has indeed ‘grown up’ by now. But has it, really? Here are three indicators supporting this view and three against it: China established diplomatic relations in… » read more

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After the election results in Britain, it seems that the brother of the Labour party leader, David Miliband, start to get “heated up” to take over the British Labour leadership. “They have lost five years with Labour”, emphasized experts in Brussels. It’s obvious that David Miliband will not be involved in the Party of European… » read more

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I hate “limited liability”. It sounds either technical & legalistic (who really knows what it means?), or mealy-mouthed and self-serving (“we don’t want to take responsibility”). There’s got to be a better name for it – a name that is catchy and simple and easy to understand. I am offering a holiday in Bali to… » read more

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La transition énergétique est l’un des sujets dont on entend le plus parler depuis l’élection de François Hollande en 2012. Le projet de loi, maintenant porté par Ségolène Royal, a mis plus de deux ans à être présenté à l’Assemblée Nationale. Alors que la transition énergétique européenne semble enclenchée, la France parait être en retard sur… » read more

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Guest blogpost by Arif Shala, doctoral student at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, and executive director at the Institute for Economic Development Studies in Prishtine, Kosovo. What is good governance and why is it important for economic and social development? Good governance is the striving for rule of law, transparency, equity, and accountability in… » read more

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Europe: the story of why

Guest blogpost by Ewoud Lauwerier, researchers at the University of Lausanne writing a PhD on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. In order for the EU to escape the spiral of negativity that surrounds it and to become again a cause worth believing in,…

La Commission européenne a publié lundi 9 mars le troisième tableau de bord de la justice dans l’Union européenne (UE). Il s’agit d’une analyse factuelle des systèmes de justice, de manière à renforcer la confiance des États membres dans les systèmes judiciaires européens et la justice en général, comme l’a rappelé Věra JOUROVÁ, Commissaire européen […]

  By Javier Solana and Steven Blockmans One of the EU’s so-called founding fathers, Jean Monnet, has taught Europeans that “Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises”. Multiple emergencies and rapidly evolving global trends have undermined the European Union’s role as a security actor […]