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As scientists, it can sometimes be difficult to see the real-world implications of some of our research. Concepts can often seem abstract and remote when sitting in a lab or taking field measurements. But researching the Earth sciences can have profound effects on global society. This is a repost of GeoPolicy: 8 science-based projects improving… » read more

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Counterfeiting is bad news for everyone, bar fraudsters. Consumers are exposed to inferior or dangerous products, brands lose their value and online platforms like Allegro risk their reputation as trustworthy marketplaces. Although legal instruments to prevent IPR infringements, such as the IPR Enforcement and E-Commerce Directives, exist at EU/national level, they can be complemented by… » read more

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Europe’s not far away, somewhere in Brussels, but very near! Just consider: the European Union supports a remarkable number of projects at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, in the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. This is a repost of Europe supports 17 innovative projects in my region, originally published by Klaas Bos (@Klaas_Bos, Google+) and submitted to… » read more

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23/06/16 09:00 – 14:00 CET   The average Brexit opinion remains stable on the ‘Remain’ side, as identified during the last days. The volume of the ‘Remain’ tweets is slightly bigger than ‘Leave’. Per minute there are more tweets for ‘Remain’ than for ‘Leave’. Volatility of the signal remains low and stable.   The vote… » read more

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A slight weakening in the ‘Remain’ side can be noticed. ‘Remain’ opinion is still within the positive range, showing small volatility but a slightly downward trend, while ‘Leave’ opinion is gaining some momentum. Overall the monitoring performed shows us a side-ways/ horizontal ‘Remain’ trend as preference of Twitter users. Percentage share of Tweets: 59.9% ‘Remain’… » read more

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Think Outside the Boss Back in April I have spoken with Caterina, a 32 years old independent translator and interpreter from Portugal. Here is what she told me: “As an independent conference interpreter specialised in the chemical industry, I often look around to win procurement contracts in different European countries. I live in Portugal, my… » read more

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I began hearing talks on ‘Social Innovation’ in 2012 for professional reasons. This is a repost of 7 cose che ho imparato sulla Social Innovation (in Italia), originally published on Medium by Fabiana Zeppieri (@Fabiazep, on Medium) and submitted to the Europe in My Region 2016 blogging competition. Nowadays, many of us in Italy know… » read more

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On April 27th, the 1989 Generation Initiative, or ‘89ers’ presented visions and proposals on the future of the European Union at the European Parliament, to an audience of MEPs, think tank professionals and young Europeans. The core message: The EU should always aim to improve its citizens’ lives. Their aspirations and livelihoods should be placed… » read more

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Following the activities initiated last September in Budapest, this whole week the SSIX Project will be in Vancouver (BC, Canada) for attending the ApacheCon North America 2016. ApacheCon is a well-established event in the open source community. For more than a decade, these events have brought the Apache project community together to meet, network, learn… » read more

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Why Machine Learning? Can computers learn how to perform complex tasks such as driving autonomous cars [1], spotting cancer cells [2] or analysing sentiment [3] without being specifically instructed? The answer is Yes – and Machine Learning (ML) provides the tools! Rather than relying on explicit instructions (rules), ML systems learn from examples. This allows… » read more

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Twitter is one of the platforms identified as data source within the SSIX project. Let’s see the different techniques that can be used to retrieve this data and the difficulties that derive from them. SSIX decided to adopt Twitter as a primary source of information used to spot financial trends and to calculate the indices… » read more

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Le bio-contrôle reste encore marginal en France. Pourtant la réduction des produits phytosanitaires reste l’un des défis majeurs pour la production agricole. C’est justement pour cette raison qu’un consortium public-privé de recherche sur le bio-contrôle vient tout juste d’être lancé officiellement.   L’événement est quelque peu passé en second plan au Salon International de l’Agriculture… » read more

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