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Genval, 15th February – Today, the European Parliament has given its consent to the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). In line with the usual European practice, CETA will be temporarily applied as from 1st March, a controversial practice which raises many eyebrows. This is a sad day for public health policy as now… » read more

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  By Elias Papadopoulos, Political Consultant In October 2016 the European Commission published an inception impact assessment on trans fats, expressing its willingness to consult on different policy options to possibly reduce the amount of trans fats in Europeans’ diets. It is of course too early to tell what the results will be and whether… » read more

  Posted by The Whitehouse Consultancy

Traditionally, the new year in Brussels kicks off with the annual European Motor Show. The 2017 edition paid special attention to commercial vehicles with a dedicated Truck & Transport exhibition. ACEA took this opportunity to organise a special tour on truck safety for European policy makers and road safety experts dealing with heavy-duty vehicles. The… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Brussels, 10th January 2016 – Many claim that the Grand Coalition (the legislative cooperation between the social and christian democrats) is ’dead’ but to believe it, it should be put to the test: the upcoming votes in the European Parliament on the approval of CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal will tell the truth. European Parliament… » read more

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Genval, 18th December 2016 – According to the tiny human health case studies of an independent impact assessment, TTIP will not harm our health at all. I am wondering: how can an independent assessment come to that conclusion? According to the authors of the study, its impact on the trade of unhealthy commodities (alcohol, tobacco,… » read more

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Ci-dessous, un extrait d’un article d’EurActiv à propos d’un exposé au Parlement européen par un Directeur de la Commission, le 12 octobre 2016 : « Marie Donnelly, directrice pour les renouvelables, la recherche et l’efficacité énergétique à la DG Énergie, a expliqué les raisons qui se cachent derrière l’abandon progressif des biocarburants de première génération…… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Lasse Gustavsson is the Executive Director of Oceana in Europe, the world’s largest international advocacy organisation focused solely on marine conservation.   For the first time ever, we know the full potential of fish recovery in Europe and it’s good news! If we fully implement the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and manage stocks sustainably, fish… » read more

  Posted by Oceana Europe

Given the sensitivity of the issue, I have to be careful and begin by stating that I have no interest, direct or indirect, with any of the players in this dossier which combines all the flaws of today’s EU governance: no objective science, full-on op between NGOs and industry, and an incomprehensible process. The book… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Genval, 27 November 2016 – The author, who is Policy Coordinator at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) argues that trade liberalisation policy can both support public health goals and undermine them. The potential for economic growth and higher incomes enable wider access to healthier lifestyles, while increased availability of cheaper processed foods, tobacco and… » read more

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Guest blog post by Philip Stevens is director of Geneva Network, a UK-based research organisation working on international trade and intellectual property issues. After decades of discussions in Brussels, the European Unitary Patent System is entering its final stages of negotiations. Companies seeking to enforce and maintain their patents across the 28 members of the… » read more

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