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“…treatment with trisodium phosphate, acidified sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, or peroxyacid solutions . . . should be of no safety concern.” Expert scientific opinion, European Food and Safety Agency. The EFSA may or may not be right to propose that chlorinated chickens are safe to consume but in this piece it is argued that homo sapiens are, […]

The Logic of Risks

Are Naturalist Nutters showing signs of inconsistency or of a sudden logical outburst when they criticise those who do not vaccinate? Hardly – they are exhibiting a perfectly justifiable illogic that easily harmonises contradictory thinking. We need to…

In today’s world beyond trust, there are calls for industry and government to adhere to codes of conduct. Why is it that those who scream the loudest for this, do not themselves have or adhere to codes of conduct? Are their values better than ours?

By Kathleen Garnett Ever since the first boff in a lab profited from fiddling around with the genetic make-up of plants European agriculture has been at the mercy of the big corporations. Not unlike the pests GMO products are said to repel the bio-tech industry has been swarming all over the treasure chest that is European […]

Auf dem Papier ist die Krankenhausreform wirklich gelungen. Die Ziele, überflüssige Betten abzubauen, unnötige Operationen zu vermeiden und im Dienst der Patient mehr Qualität ins System zu bringen, sind selbstverständlich richtig. Mehr noch: überfällig. Auch der Ansatz, dass eine Umstrukturierung nur gelingen kann, wenn man in das Neue investiert, gehört bei politischen Reformen nicht immer […]

In a previous blog I said that I had requested access to documents on the dealings between DG Enterprise and pharmaceutical industry associations while the EMA was developing (and watering down) its transparency policy. I was given a few “mostly harmless” documents but the rest were refused on the grounds that they contained material that […]

It’s Not All Bad News

In telling the Parliament on Wednesday that the units on medicines and pharmaceutical products will stay with DG Sanco Mr Juncker added “..I agree with you that medicines are not goods like any other”. I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is good news and thanks to those who worked to achieve it, especially […]

A report published by the charity Vitamin D Mission earlier this week revealed that, alarmingly, the number of children with vitamin D deficiency has soared by more than 200% in the past five years, with 4,638 under-16s admitted to hospital with vitamin D deficiency and rickets. The cause of this has been attributed to the […]

Citing Regulation (EC) 1049/2001, I asked last month for access to the following documents: ‘All communications in any form, and notes or records in any form of communications between DG Enterprise and any pharmaceutical Industry association concerning the policy, draft policy or decision making process of the European Medicines Agency on the issue of access […]