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Less than a year ago, 197 countries came together for the first time to deliver a universal climate Paris Agreement. And with it, a promise to work together to limit global temperature rise to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Today, that agreement becomes the law of the planet — entered into force almost… » read more

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By Salvatore Berger   The 2016 presidential campaign has polarized the United-States like never before. Between the two candidates, the trade-off is clear: political establishment or populism, status-quo or schism, openness or isolationism, another Clinton or another actor. This choice, left in the hands of the American people, will transcend the borders of the U.S.… » read more

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The EEA and Norway Grants funded Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute became a victim of Hungarian authorities trying to undermine the influence of international actors. Hungary’s hostile attitude towards international funding and involvement in domestic affairs remains unchanged. The current political climate in Hungary leaves the country prone to “illiberal democratic” practices, which is raising concerns… » read more

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CETA, Socialism and Trudeau

The Walloon refusal to assent to CETA is a disappointing development, but understandable. Although I am completely in favour of CETA and increased cooperation between the EU and Canada, what troubles me more is the arrogance Prime Minister Trudeau and his government has displayed towards our European friends. It should surprise no-one that Wallonia, a… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

Guest blog post by Alison Coleman, Policy Officer on Development Policies at Transparency International EU. At the heart of most global challenges lies one problem: corruption. Poverty, climate change, hunger, inequality and conflict are all fuelled to varying degrees by corruption. In the poorest countries, one out of every two people has paid a bribe… » read more

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European Socialist Youth calls on its leaders Thousands of citizens have demonstrated in the streets against the signature of CETA, the new generation free trade agreement negotiated between the European Union and Canada. They were 15,000 in Brussels, 25,000 in Austria and 320,000 in Germany. One cannot say when such a big and diverse mobilisation… » read more

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Guest blog post by Hans Muierman, chemicals coordinator at PAN Europe. European Court of Justice this week ruled that European Commission violated the laws on transparency and access to documents. Using vague and unsubstantiated arguments, the NGO PAN Europe was denied access to documents that might demonstrate who in Commission is behind changing democratically approved… » read more

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Guest blog post by Samira Hamidi – Afghan Women’s Network. I believe Afghanistan is at an extremely important juncture right now. After 15 years, the country has enjoyed development in terms of infrastructure, technology and telecommunications, health, education, women’s empowerment and societal and organizational changes. For example in 2001 Afghan women were considered victims, today… » read more

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Guest blog post by Jovita Sandaite, Alexis Stergakis, Aurélie du Châtelet, Magali Garcia, Lucile Grosjean – Action Against Hunger (ACF). The Afghan Conference taking place in Brussels on October 4-5 will mark an opportunity for Afghan, European and International leaders to take decisions for a better future of Afghan people and reaffirm financial commitments to… » read more

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There are rising problems in the Western Balkans. Serbia’s role in fostering region stability is growing as tensions increase in the traditionally problematic Balkan triangle of Croatia-Serbia-Bosnia. Serbia’s balancing act between Washington and the European Union on one side and Russia on the other has gained visibility since late 2014. Russia lost ground when the… » read more

  Posted by Global Perspectives - Antonia Colibasanu

Russia is preparing for parliamentary election that is to take place on September 18th 2016. Officials have already completed the last preparation: the most well-known and in fact the only independent organization Yurii Levada’s Analytical Center has been added to the register of foreign agents by Russian Ministry of Justice. Two weeks before the State… » read more

  Posted by Tyszecki

  Yuriy Poyta, Dmitriy Zolotukhin French and German companies, which lobby the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the EU countries Despite the efforts of the powerful pro-Russian lobby in the political and business structures of Europe, on July 1, 2016, the EU extended the economic sanctions against Russia. Restrictive measures cover the financial, energy… » read more

  Posted by Institute for Postinformation Society

SolarPower Europe last week presented a letter calling for an end to anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made solar panels and cells to the European Commission (EC). The letter, signed by 34 European solar and renewable energy organisations, stated that the EU solar panel industry derives no advantage from the trade measures, noting that they have contributed… » read more

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