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The world can change dramatically in a week. Sometimes one writes something, only to have it vindicated within months or weeks. Sometimes you write an article about taking a calculated risk in de-prioritising ISIS to publish on the morning of the attack on Paris. Fate is, indeed, a fickle mistress. In the past two weeks,… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

During a training course on geopolitics, just a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks, I was asked whether there are “geopolitical advantages and disadvantages” for countries and, if so, which are the disadvantages for Romania, considering the current challenges Europe is facing. My reply was that there are no advantages and disadvantages – there… » read more

  Posted by Global Perspectives - Antonia Colibasanu, Stratfor

In November 17-18 Greek PM Tsipras meets with Turkish PM Davutoglu and the President Erdogan in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. The Greek PM is expected to discuss a number of issues, with the refugee crisis on top of the agenda. Alexis Tsipras’ visit in Turkey comes in a turbulent time… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

Terrorist attacks in Paris late Saturday November 13 caused an unprecedented shock. Flowers, candles, profile photos, poems and kind words are nice and play a role in communicating the mobilization of the European and world communities and the determination to not be terrorized. But let’s be honest. This does not suffice. It takes coordinated action by… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis


Despite ongoing domestic challenges, NATO (the members and the organisation itself) have to make some very heavy political considerations concerning Russia, lest they lose a chance to steal momentum in the propaganda war between Russia and the West. With Russia’s intervention in Syria kicking into high gear, NATO has the opportunity to put muscle behind… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

EU lacks geopolitical strategy

The economic crisis remains a top priority for Eurozone with the current consolidation model generating much more problems than solutions. Greece has been forced to adopt a third bailout deal, but the ruling Syriza party resists towards protecting the most affected ones, while unfolding the deadlock that austerity politics have caused to an increasing number… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

AKP’s outright majority is clearly Erdogan’s personal achievement. HDP crossed the Rubicon and CHP secured front opposition. All that as freedom of speech is violated and situation with the implementation of the rule of law is alarming. Turkey’s long-serving ruler reaffirmed he has the way to take what he wants. Both as PM and President, Erdogan still… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

Blackshirts of all lands unite! The language spoken by the extreme Right in Europe has turned leftward. “C’est ce pouvoir qui se couche devant la Finance et les grandes banques, mais qui laisse crever les PME et les artisans”. #UDTFN — Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) Claims and slogans have become anti-capitalist and and the pursuit… » read more

  Posted by PostPolitik - The blog of Alessio Postiglione

It can be argued that the European Union is a triumph of liberalism. To say this is somewhat odd in the current political climate in Europe. To many Europeans, when one talks about “liberal” policies, one talks about hard-nosed classical liberalism or neo-liberal globalisation schemes. This isn’t completely unfair. The EU has a lot of… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

News coming from the Western Balkans states resembles much with news coming from Moldova, with protests against the government being the current norm. Popular unrest relates first of all to the socio-economic reality in these countries, but it also refers to the East-West balance of power. The so called ‘normalization process’ between Kosovo and Serbia,… » read more

  Posted by Global Perspectives - Antonia Colibasanu, Stratfor

Identifying 5G projects for co-funding is a priority for the EU-China partnership The 5G research deal signed by the EU and China in September is a crucial step towards these two world powers growing closer together. Both will benefit unprecedentedly from the partnership, as will consumers, who will enjoy better technologies and services in the… » read more

  Posted by Huawei - For a better connected Europe

  By Jan Vandermosten     A quote from Goldman Sachs perfectly summarizes the structural decline in which the global coal market finds itself today: ‘just as a worker celebrating their 65th anniversary can settle into a more sedate lifestyle while they look back on past achievements, we argue that thermal coal has reached its… » read more

  Posted by WWF Climate & Energy Blog

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