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From March 13th to 15th 2015 Egypt held a jumbo meeting in Sharm-el-Sheikh, gathering 2000 investors, bankers, officials, ministers, royalties and heads of government from some 100 countries to celebrate a “new” Egypt. The purpose of this well-planned event was to show the international business community that after three decades Mubarak and four years unrest […]

Israeli voters gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a resounding victory in Tuesday’s [17th Mar. 2015] election, despite pre-election polls showing him trailing the Zionist Union. The Zionist Union won close to the total it had been predicted by pollsters, and its 24 seats is more that Labour and Livni’s Hatnua won separately in 2013 (21). […]

Die europäische Armee

Die Idee einer europäischen Armee ist eigentlich ein alter Hut. Seit Jahren wird dieses Vorhaben immer mal wieder auf die europäische Agenda gehoben. Aber es ist leichter, über eine solche Truppe zu reden und sie zu fordern als sie dann auch zu verwirklichen. Dabei wäre dies notwendig. Der Ukraine-Krieg und der Kampf gegen den IS […]

Europe finds itself very close to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and shows an increasing interest in contributing to a sustainable and just solution to the conflict. Last December the European Parliament voted with overwhelming majority for a resolution supporting in principle the recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two-state resolution. The Parliament added, to Israel’s satisfaction, […]

Guest blogpost by Daniele Brunetto. After the extension of EU sanctions against Russia and the Minsk-2 deal, one might seriously ask how effective economic coercion is compared to other factors: the answer is “it depends”, and the EU should serious…

Like many other successful companies, we have quite an international team at Europa Media. Certainly, most are Hungarian, but there are also employees from Germany, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine. Diversity at Europa Media An international environment at the company yields obvious cultural benefits such as swapping language knowledge, exchanging traditions and customs and frequently tasting […]

Les discriminations freinent l’intégration économique en France des jeunes descendants d’immigrés, notamment originaires d’Afrique, aggravant des inégalités importantes, selon un rapport publié dimanche. Mais que fait l’Union européenne et son projet de Directive horizontale contre les discriminations, sur la table depuis plusieurs années ? La Commission de Jean-Claude Juncker en a fait une priorité de […]

Dans ses relations avec la Turquie comme avec la Russie, l’Union européenne n’a certes pas toujours fait preuve de lucidité et de perspicacité, mais ce constat n’exonère pas ces deux pays de leurs responsabilités. Les épisodes concernant Charlie Hebdo dans ces deux pays ne sont que de gros nuages noirs supplémentaires dans les relations avec […]

One step before reaching an agreement (?) on Greece’s bailout program, the government dispatched today the revised proposal including the extension of the current loan agreement for the next six (6) months, while introducing a moratorium in the implementation of new austerity measures suggested by troika last November. Meanwhile, the ECB decided yesterday to extend […]