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The European Court of Justice has invalidated the Safe Harbor. I think there are good legal, economic, data protection, and political grounds to question the wisdom of this judgment. I think that the legal case against the Safe Harbor is pretty weak, both with regard to the powers of national data protection authorities (DPAs), and… » read more

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The first time it happened, on 22 November 1989, the German Chancellor outshone the French President. It was under a fortnight since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Helmut Kohl sounded confident and decisive, clear in his call for enlargement of the European Community and commitment to the goal of political union. François Mitterrand, by… » read more

  Posted by Andrew Duff - On Governing Europe

The last decade has not been marked by tranquility. We have seen crisis after crisis shake international and national stability, all the while eroding from much longer scope phenomenon. It seems that every week, a new prediction of the collapse of the EU appears. However, the EU remains and seems to have expertly managed this… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

The new Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has referred to China in one of his first interviews tackling foreign affairs, saying that while Australia enjoys “very good relations” with China, some of Beijing’s attitudes are “counter-productive” and has advised it to ease off artificial island construction in the South China Sea. In his words, China… » read more

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A World with Borders

It’s popular to decry the temporary reinstatement of national borders as a death knell of the European project. This is perhaps premature and definitely hyperbole. It is entirely rational for Germany to behave in this manner given that it is a refugee crisis. Democratic governments often work against their deep-held ideals in times to crisis… » read more

  Posted by C Shannon

  By Leia Achampong, Climate & Energy Assistant at WWF European Policy Office What’s #MyClimateAsk for COP21? It’s for governments to up-scale climate finance, and to recognise and affirm the need for inter and intra -generational equality. Mitigating climate change by transitioning to zero-carbon societies that rely on renewable energies, coupled with energy-efficiency initiatives, and… » read more

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Veuillez Svp jouer ‘’Né quelque part’’ de Maxime Leforestier en lisant ce post (1988 – 3’58) – Le câble était clair: ‘’Partite subito’’. Mon père et sa mère quittèrent Varsovie dans la journée. Ils arrivèrent à la frontière Germano-Italienne le soir du 1er Septembre 1939. Comme tous les Polonais ma grand-mère fut faite descendre… » read more

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