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En invoquant l’article 42,7 du Traité d’union européenne, le Président de la République a, devant le congrès réuni a Versailles, lancé un signal politique important tant à la nation qu’à tous les pays membres de l’Union européenne. La violente agression dont la France a été l’objet vendredi dernier est un acte de guerre et c’est… » read more

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The following is largely based on Carlota Perez theory of the Great Surges of development, exposed in Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital[1]. It evidences the connection between technological change and capital markets, and suggests paths to rejuvenate the productive economy. Finance and technology The need to boost the real economy through capital markets is admitted,… » read more

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In the current economic and political context, solidarity is shattered by the spillover of the economic problems Member States have been struggling to deal with in the aftermath of the economic crisis, and now, the refugee crisis. Meanwhile Euroscepticism is rising along with extremist, nationalist movements and the European Union’s values and pillars – labour… » read more

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Last Saturday, after a six-year deadlock and following a long series of negotiations, an internal burden-sharing agreement on Belgium’s climate obligations seemed to have been within reach. The four environment ministers representing Belgium’s three regions – Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels – and the Federal government announced that an agreement had been found on the division… » read more

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    par Emmanuel Morucci Chronique RCF29 du 29 octobre 2015   Décidément les Européens que nous sommes avons bien du mal à surmonter l’arrivée massive des migrants dans l’Union européenne. C’est un révélateur. Au point même qu’un de mes collègues allemand parle dans un de ses éditos, et je partage son avis, de gâchis.… » read more

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During a news conference in Warsaw some weeks before the parliamentary elections, Beata Szydło, then deputy leader of Poland’s conservative Law and Justice party and now designated prime minister, called on the Polish government to abandon the idea of adopting the euro and promised that her government’s first decision would be to close down the… » read more

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Daily news reminds us of the terrible crisis in the Mediterranean, with people fleeing their countries in any way possible with the aim of landing somewhere safer than what used to be home. The EU reaction, rumor has it, has been slow and plain insufficient according to the majority. Somehow, we still need the picture… » read more

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Oceana condemns the decision by the EU Fisheries Council on Baltic catch limits for 2016 Today, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of the EU reached an agreement on the 2016 total allowable catches (TAC) for the Baltic Sea fish stocks. Regretfully, just like the last year, European ministers have yet again decided to ignore scientific advice for… » read more

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The Lawson Mistake

  One can see why Conservative Euro-sceptics might be reluctant to let Nigel Farage lead the Out campaign. The man is not sound. He is not properly house-trained. He is capable of ill-advised jumps in policy designed to attract the attention that UKIP needed to maintain its upward direction. However despite his time in the City, Farage has no… » read more

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Guest blog post by Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director of the European Publishers Council. European Publishers Council reports show seismic transformation in content development and publishing in the context of the forthcoming revision of the AVMS directive and the consultations on online platforms. The deadline for the public consultation on the revision of the Audiovisual Media… » read more

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