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The Eurozone has demonstrated its Darwinian side in recent years, with the tides of change sweeping across the continent. This process of change has served as a powerful tool for examining pre-existing infrastructures, and in the process highlighting areas in need of change. Whether it be politics, or in particular, business, the prevalent trend is… » read more

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In 2014 the European Union introduced the Spitzenkandidaten system with primary elections for the first time at the European level. Each party put forward one candidate who would become the new President of the European Commission should they win the most votes. The appointment of Mr. Juncker as the new European Commission President confirmed that… » read more

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Le fédéralisme ne serait-il pas une véritable épine dans le pied du Royaume-Uni? Le nouveau gouvernement conservateur issu des élections générales britanniques va devoir faire face à de nombreux défis. Mais deux sujets éclipsent tous les autres. Je pense d’une part à la redéfinition de la position du Royaume-Uni dans l’Union européenne et d’autre part… » read more

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Guest blogpost from Pavel Telicka, Vice-President of the European Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament.   This Commission has promised the European citizens better regulation. The European Liberals and democrats support this Commission in its endeavour to make European rules clear, simple and effective. Pavel Telicka, Vice President of the ALDE Group proposes the following six… » read more

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The Lisbon Treaty introduced a new system of delegated and implementing acts to replace the previous ‘comitology’. The introduction of the system has caused interinstitutional woes, with the alignment of pre-Lisbon legislative acts being blocked on an issue of principle. After several postponements, the Commission is about to propose a way out of this situation.… » read more

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Who buys Kazakhstan’s oil production today? Question:  How might the falling oil prices affect Kazakhstan’s ability to develop and deliver oil to other countries, especially Europe? Answer:  The Italian company ENI been major player in the Kazakhstan’s energy sector for nearly a quarter-century, involved in the development of Kashagan and Karachaganak fields. Italy is the… » read more

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As investors and officials are promoting a gas pipeline project from the Caspian Sea to Italy, the systematic repression of human rights in Azerbaijan is hardly on the official agenda. The Aliyev regime’s weakly veiled attempts to muzzle dissent illustrate how even the most repressive governments are acceptable partners for Europe’s pet energy projects. by… » read more

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Guest blog post by Caroline Jenner, CEO for JA Europe In 2011, Marta Panunzi was a 16-year-old student studying at a vocational school in Pomezia, a small town south of Rome, who found economics a turn-off. Four years later, she is studying that very subject at the University of Rome, with ambitions to start an… » read more

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Guest blogpost by Jaakko Silpola, Coordinator of the Energy from Peatland Sector Group. The struggling EU economy and the Ukraine-Russia gas dispute are not temporary issues. Many EU countries still suffer from unemployment and gas disputes remain a chronic threat to the European energy system and its entire economic development. One crisis after another, the European Union… » read more

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“..there would also be political impacts of TTIP for Turkey because according to Kader Sevinç, Representative of the Republican People’s Party in Brussels, TTIP represents a new Western world order. From her statement, it could be deduced that through TTIP the US would be able to create the new Western axis against China economically and… » read more

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