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Power of latent demand

An innovation is a newly-invented product (service or technology) which has been successful on the market. When the first tablet came out, I was sceptical. How could it be better than a laptop computer? Being half the weight and offering twice the battery life surely did not make up for the missing keyboard and USB… » read more

  Posted by Adam Czyzewski

Heard in Europe’s spies at today’s European Council have heard that Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to fly to Finland on an official visit. Mutti’s timing couldn’t be better. Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb is hot on the campaign trail for reelection. The vote will be held on 19 April, and most polls suggest Stubb’s […]

  By Javier Solana and Steven Blockmans One of the EU’s so-called founding fathers, Jean Monnet, has taught Europeans that “Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises”. Multiple emergencies and rapidly evolving global trends have undermined the European Union’s role as a security actor […]

Die Idee einer europäischen Armee ist eigentlich ein alter Hut. Seit Jahren wird dieses Vorhaben immer mal wieder auf die europäische Agenda gehoben. Aber es ist leichter, über eine solche Truppe zu reden und sie zu fordern als sie dann auch zu verwirklichen. Dabei wäre dies notwendig. Der Ukraine-Krieg und der Kampf gegen den IS […]

This week could be a turning point for climate and energy policy in Europe. The Commissioner for Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic announced the strategy for Energy Union alongside a Climate communication from the European Commission on the ‘road to Paris’ and a Communication reporting on the electricity interconnection target of 10 percent. According to the […]

A nouveau beaucoup de déclarations, quelques annonces et l’attente du Conseil des Ministres des Affaires intérieures du 12 mars. La Commission européenne a annoncé un renforcement de l’assistance qu’elle apporte à l’Italie. Premièrement, l’opération conjointe Triton coordonnée par Frontex sera prolongée au moins jusqu’à la fin de l’année 2015. Deuxièmement, la Commission européenne a accordé […]

One step before reaching an agreement (?) on Greece’s bailout program, the government dispatched today the revised proposal including the extension of the current loan agreement for the next six (6) months, while introducing a moratorium in the implementation of new austerity measures suggested by troika last November. Meanwhile, the ECB decided yesterday to extend […]

These last days we have witnessed a growing “statement war” over the possible outcome of the negotiations in this Wednesday’s Eurogroup and the possibility of “Grexit”. This term that has been so easily used in unofficial statements and media coverage to stir anxiety in the markets and fear in the Greek and European public is […]

He has been on board for three months only, but has already managed to attract attention, doubts and criticisms. I am referring to Jean-Claude Juncker, and his plan to create a new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). A plan to trigger a “Virtuous Triangle”, so he claims: investment, fiscal responsibility and structural reforms, to […]