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Dear readers (yes there where more than 100 of you say the Blog stats…) a quick update on the date when MEPs will debate it out to elect their first democratically elected president. The Europe group of the Union of European Federalists has contacted the 7 candidates for the European Parliament (EP) Presidency asking them… » read more

  Posted by TAXI: Europa

2017 begins under a busy schedule for the newly appointed Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union. For the next six months, the smallest member of the European Union, in the heart of the Mediterranean, is undertaking an ambitious leadership for the first time. Maritime affairs, with its potential for growth, competitiveness and… » read more

  Posted by Oceana Europe

What if #Brexit, that supposedly fatal – for the EU – event, were to eventually help an old Eurofederalist dream to become true? It is now more than 70 years that European Federalist groups and associations ask for a Parliament elected by all Europeans on European lists. Pse play Vous êtes lents (A.Souchon – 1985… » read more

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Lasse Gustavsson is the Executive Director of Oceana in Europe, the world’s largest international advocacy organisation focused solely on marine conservation.   For the first time ever, we know the full potential of fish recovery in Europe and it’s good news! If we fully implement the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and manage stocks sustainably, fish… » read more

  Posted by Oceana Europe

Guest blog post by Daan Fonck, PhD Researcher at the University of Leuven. This Sunday, long-awaited snap parliamentary elections will take place in Macedonia, almost two years after the outbreak of the worst political crisis since the inter-ethnic violence of 2001. The EU’s mediation throughout the last two years has been helpful, yet also late… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Genval, 27 November 2016 – The author, who is Policy Coordinator at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) argues that trade liberalisation policy can both support public health goals and undermine them. The potential for economic growth and higher incomes enable wider access to healthier lifestyles, while increased availability of cheaper processed foods, tobacco and… » read more

  Posted by EU ZMK's Diary

Written by Anouk Canet Luxleaks and the Panama Papers have made awareness about tax evasion issues mainstream. But as painful for the global economy as it may sound, tax evasion still overshadows the broader issue of tax competition – the relative lowering of tax base and tax rate to attract investments – and the subsequent… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

Jean-Michel Bos [Connect Euranet/ Flickr] Jean-Michel Bos is Editor-in-Chief of Euranet Plus, grouping top national radios like RTBF, Radio 24 and BFM Business, now at risk of stopping. Just before the Commission apparently decided not to renew Euranet Plus’s contract, he spoke with EurActiv Founder Christophe Leclercq, as part of the series #Media4EU .Mr Bos… » read more

  Posted by EuRoman

Guest blog post by Pál Belényesi, Lecturer in Economics and Law at the John Cabot University. In a recent EUobserver article signed by the code name Civis Europaeus, an internal European Commission employee argues for a fundamentally revised communication strategy in order to win acceptance for Europe and thereby save the European unification process. The… » read more

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