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The Trans-Pacific Partnership was signed on Feb. 4 in Auckland. The TPP member states account for around 40% of the global economy and each have now two years to ratify or reject the agreement. This was to be expected and it is therefore not a geopolitical event. However, it is anticipated that media – and… » read more

  Posted by Global Perspectives - Antonia Colibasanu, Stratfor

Pitch perfect purpose. A New “Business as Usual” is on the horizon. Change. For the better. It’s what people want and they’ve realised that NGOs can’t do it alone.   From the meeting rooms of Davos to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, it seems as though every CEO is talking “purpose”. A growing number… » read more

  Posted by Joanna M Sullivan

  Le Président de la Commission européenne a été ce mercredi matin alarmiste quant à l’avenir de l’Europe. Il est revenu sur la crise Schengen occasionnée par l’arrivée massive de migrants dans l’Union européenne et particulièrement en Grèce. Selon lui, si les États membres continuent de fermer leurs frontières intérieures, il en est fini de… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

Guest blog post by Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and Co-chair of the Civil Society Alliance for the European Year for Development 2015. Sergi Corbalán argues that the universality of the new Sustainable Development Goals’ framework is one of the most important features as it eliminates the old division between… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Guest blog post by Rosangela Berman Bieler, Senior Adviser, Children with Disabilities, UNICEF. Last week, to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I travelled to Brussels to take part in the Day of Persons with Disabilities conference organized by the European Commission and the European Disability Forum. This year, it focused on children… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Since the spark of the financial crisis, Greece has been weak in building a sound business environment. In this fragile context, disastrous austerity came to give a final blow. The last three years of EU funds 2007-13 period were not as efficient as the domestic governments or the European Commission could expect, but this was… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

The #EurActory40Energy list features 150 of the most influential experts in Energy Union. This list was created with the support of an innovative tool called EurActory, the directory of EU policy experts. The invited participants were able to discover and enrich the #EurActory40Energy “long list” of top policy experts with influence on EU Energy Union… » read more

  Posted by EU Community

In November 2015, the independent High Level Expert Group has released its report containing an ex post evaluation of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research, as required by the European Parliament Decision and European Council decision setting up FP7. In early 2016 the Commission will publish its response. The objective of this Group was… » read more

  Posted by Europa Media

The European Investment Bank’s track record stands in stark contrast to its pose as a hero in the fight against climate change. by Anna Roggenbuck, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog As declarations emerge from Paris about the billions and trillions of dollars needed to combat the affects of climate change, the world’s largest public lender,… » read more

  Posted by Bankwatch

Au cours des cinq dernières années, le paysage énergétique mondial a énormément évolué, tout comme la perception que nous avons des énergies renouvelables. Autrefois considérées comme marginales et fort couteuses, elles sont désormais de plus en plus perçues comme une alternative nécessaire, efficace et abordable aux énergies fossiles. Pour exemple, 164 états disposent désormais d’objectifs… » read more

  Posted by Charlotte Flechet

En invoquant l’article 42,7 du Traité d’union européenne, le Président de la République a, devant le congrès réuni a Versailles, lancé un signal politique important tant à la nation qu’à tous les pays membres de l’Union européenne. La violente agression dont la France a été l’objet vendredi dernier est un acte de guerre et c’est… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

The following is largely based on Carlota Perez theory of the Great Surges of development, exposed in Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital[1]. It evidences the connection between technological change and capital markets, and suggests paths to rejuvenate the productive economy. Finance and technology The need to boost the real economy through capital markets is admitted,… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

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