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Since the spark of the financial crisis, Greece has been weak in building a sound business environment. In this fragile context, disastrous austerity came to give a final blow. The last three years of EU funds 2007-13 period were not as efficient as the domestic governments or the European Commission could expect, but this was… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

The #EurActory40Energy list features 150 of the most influential experts in Energy Union. This list was created with the support of an innovative tool called EurActory, the directory of EU policy experts. The invited participants were able to discover and enrich the #EurActory40Energy “long list” of top policy experts with influence on EU Energy Union… » read more

  Posted by EU Community

Why does Daesch (or Islamic State) target France? This is one of the two only questions that are worthwhile to be debated. I heard in these days several commentators associating the terrorist attack in Paris with France’s air strikes directed to the IS controlled area. That does not convince me at all. French airfighters started… » read more

  Posted by Brainstorm on Politics and Economics of the EU

In November 17-18 Greek PM Tsipras meets with Turkish PM Davutoglu and the President Erdogan in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. The Greek PM is expected to discuss a number of issues, with the refugee crisis on top of the agenda. Alexis Tsipras’ visit in Turkey comes in a turbulent time… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

Let’s be frank: after one year, the Juncker Commission has been a disappointment. Admittedly, it has excuses: too many Member States, an unmanageable decision-making process, intractable geopolitical and humanitarian crises…but be that as it may, the “last-chance Commission” risks living up to its name, if can’t find a path to better governance soon.   The… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Opened back in 2009, the “Orphacol file” is still not closed, despite three actions at the Court of Justice. What is to blame: the complexity of EU procedures or the Commission’s reluctance to recognise its errors of judgment? Probably a little of both! It is extremely rare to go to the Court of Justice three… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

It is my pleasure to publish on my blog this speech given by my associate Vicky Marissen (PACT European Affairs) at a recent Ombudsman event on the important issue of trilogues and transparency in EU law-making.   Background memo for the public hearing ‘Trilogues and transparent law-making’ on 28th September 2015 organised by the European… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

  Many were expecting that this debate last night would be extremely boring. They were right as all political leaders had nothing fresh to offer in the discussion. Nonetheless, even in this stiff depiction of Greek political life, we can come to some useful conclusions.   After a first reading, each one of the political… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

    EurActiv, the principal portal for information on EU policies, is one of the partners contributing to the success of the SSIX Project.   As this week guest blogger, we provide a collection of our most recent editorial coverage of financial markets and social media from across Europe. Now you only need to sit,… » read more

INVITATION | THEMES| REGISTRATION | VENUE | HOTEL BOOKING Registration is still open! Open Discovery Space, DigiSkills and GreeNET will utilize their teacher communities and resources in the interest of a professional event, offering free training opportunities and promoting their best teaching practices. The language of the Event is English.   Venue: Ellinogermaniki Agogi S.A. –… » read more

Transforming Schools into Innovative Learning Organisation EDEN Open Classroom Conference, 18-21 September 2015 (Athens, Greece)   The registration to the event is free but compulsory, please fill in and submit the registration form to secure your place.           CALL | INVITATION | THEMES | SUBMISSION | REGISTRATION The European Distance and… » read more

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