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Comment on African Jihadism

The richest, the most beautiful and resourceful continent of the World, Africa, is steadily plunged into a wide area of civil conflict and massacres, with major demand the rise into power for jihadists. The continent that has been for centuries the center of atrocities and expoitation by the European colonialism has never achieved to provide […]

Le Conseil Justice et Affaires Intérieures s’est réuni le 6 et le 7 décembre derniers afin de trancher sur certains aspects importants dans le domaine de la liberté, de la sécurité et de la justice. Parmi les points du jour, les Etats membres ont discuté sur les diverses propositions législatives portant sur le Régime d’Asile […]

Kosovo is the largest per capita recipient of European Union financial aid in the world, notes the European Court of Auditors in its recent Special Report on EULEX. In spite of this, the biggest and most expensive aid mission in the history of the European Union suffers from “lack of co-ordination between the EU and […]

Water Represents the Culture of a Human Being Floods, drought, torrential rains, climate change, hunger, poverty, prosperity, health, security are all phenomenon’s intimately linked with water. Welcome to our new blog on We are excited about engaging in debate about substantial issues that we feel requires a deeper understanding than is present at the… » read more

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