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PR challenges in a changing EU

“Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” was the slogan of Ivy Lee, one of the founding fathers of public relations, creator of the press release and pioneer in the field of crisis communications. Almost 100 years later, this slogan remains at the core of sustainable public relations. Though it takes long years to be built, an organizations’ […]

De Roemeense dictator Nicolae Ceausescu verplichte zijn burgers om de winters in de vrieskou door te brengen. Hij sloot de fabrieken door de werking van de elektriciteitscentrales te onderbreken om zo de nationale schuld van 9 miljard dollar terug te kunnen betalen aan buitenlandse banken. Deze maatregelen bleken niet te werken en na de volksopstand […]

EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time. FAQ1 – What is EurActory for? In an earlier post, I discussed EU Community’s first application in development: EurActory. EurActory is tailored to […]

When I decided to write this blog post, I was fully aware that this topic could seem rather trivial as after the holidays people are full of immediate desire to shed those extra kilos they put on during the weeks of celebrations; they also share same demotivators about joining the gym, getting a promotion/job, spending […]

Les médias sont soumis à un « cadre juridique inadapté et à des pressions politiques » en Hongrie qui connait également une poussée préoccupante du racisme et de l’intolérance, critique le rapport du Conseil de l’Europe rendu public le 16 décembre dernier. La Hongrie devrait mieux garantir la liberté des média et la discrimination endémique , et améliorer […]

Mi capita per caso di passare a lavorare nella biblioteca del Parlamento europeo: un grande ambiente dal soffitto alto dove regna un perfetto silenzio, interrotto soltanto dai passi della gente, dal rumore meccanico delle stampanti e dai bibliotecari che sistemano i libri. Guardandomi intorno in cerca di un computer libero, mi cade lo sguardo su […]

Wow. Has it come to this?

Is primetime TV advertising the right way to connect citizens to the EU? Last week I saw and commented on an interesting blog post by Iveta Kazoka exploring one of the ‘broken channels’ which are supposed to link interested citizens to EU …

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