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As expected after the demonstration of power by major airline countries in Moscow February 28-29th China has not waited long before taking retaliatory action against the EU imposition of emission caps on Chinese carriers` flights to EU airports. Two multi-billion Chinese orders for Airbus planes are at stake. The Chinese government has blocked the authorisation […]

The European winter 2011-12 will go down in history as divided into two unequal parts: very mild until mid-January and in the first half of February. It is therefore appropriate to draw a few lessons. The 2011-12 winter offers no evidence that climate change is a chimera. It is there more than ever, marked by […]

EU + Kohlendioxidemissionen:

Kohlendioxidemissionen sind ein globales Problem, das in unmittelbarer Beziehung zum Zustand der Erde steht. Um unsere gemeinsame Umwelt vor potentiellem Unheil zu schützen, das durch den Klimawandel verursacht wird, ist ein Verhaltenscodex für jedermann von essentieller Bedeutung. Eine internationale Norm für Kohlendioxidemissionen ist unabdingbar. Aber es wird ein harter Kampf (nötig) sein, um diese Ziele […]

Durban will not save the world

Diplomatic conferences rarely end with a failure! Diplomats do not like being accused of failure. This goes in particular for long conferences with thousands of participants which cost millions of euro. The 17th international climate conference, COP 17 in the official jargon, that ended in the dawn of Sunday 11th December, 36 hours after its […]

Bricks and mortar

Picture this: the doorbell rings and you aren’t expecting visitors.There’s a bright eyed boy standing outside with ‘salesman’ written all over him. Thank goodness, you don’t see any of the outward signs of the zealous evangelist. No short sleeved white shirt with a name tag, no brochure-laden black rucksack. Besides, they always travel in pairs. […]

La conférence de Copenhague dont l’Union européenne attendait tant, a été une grande déconvenue. Pareille mésaventure ne doit pas se renouveler. Le changement climatique planétaire n’est pas seulement une question planétaire évidente dont les effets négatifs sont déjà perceptibles, mais c’est aussi une question de développement et par voie de conséquences, c’est une question sécuritaire […]

After hydro power wind energy presently constitutes the biggest source of renewable energy on earth, ahead of PV electricity. The EU is the biggest producer of wind energy, China coming second. Both register extraordinary growth rates. Installed wind capacity accounts for 4 per cent of total power capacity in China and 5 per cent in the EU. […]

Guest post by CAN-Europe, EEB, FoE Europe, Greenpeace, WWF Dear Minister, The forthcoming Energy Council will consider the recently presented Energy Efficiency Plan2011. As the Plan itself makes clear, we are currently set to miss the EU’s 20% energysavings target by half – thereby missing out on substantial gains in terms of ‘enhancedcompetitiveness’, ‘security of […]

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