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This year is particularly important for aviation’s climate action. This week, representatives of the world’s governments will convene at the 39th International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly to enter into final negotiations on a global scheme for offsetting aviation CO2 emissions. If they agree on a measure, commercial aviation will be the first sector to… » read more

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The Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny (English: “Economic Newspaper”) is reporting today that the Czech Export Bank (CEB) and export insurance agency EGAP may not be be able to finance the Pljevlja II lignite power plant in Montenegro due to new OECD rules entering force on 1 January 2017. by Hugo Charat, cross-posted from the Bankwatch… » read more

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Guest blog post by Yana Popkostova, Policy Director, European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis. Accustomed the world has become over the past few weeks to implausible scenarios turning into reality: from Brexit to Trump presidential nomination; Turkey’s failed coup and the quickly organised sweeping purges in its aftermath; a sting of dreadful attacks in… » read more

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If fossil fuels’ grip on the Czech Republic’s energy sector remains, as current plans and policies confirm, the country’s support for the Paris Agreement will be nothing but a sham, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch’s Czech member group Hnuti Duha.   cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog The Paris Agreement, sealed 8 months and signed by… » read more

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That the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is having some seriously detrimental effects on EU-Russia relations is nothing new. But I think we’ve heard enough about this so-called ”new Cold War”. This is a repost of Playing with Russia in the Baltic Sea Sandpit: Challenges and Opportunities, originally published on LinkedIn by Clarissa Hirst (@clarissa_hirst, LinkedIn),… » read more

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As scientists, it can sometimes be difficult to see the real-world implications of some of our research. Concepts can often seem abstract and remote when sitting in a lab or taking field measurements. But researching the Earth sciences can have profound effects on global society. This is a repost of GeoPolicy: 8 science-based projects improving… » read more

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The new urban waste water treatment plant located in the suburbs of Pavlikeni is gradually gearing up and deploying its full potential as time progresses in compliance with technological requirements. This is a repost of Новата пречиствателна станция подобри околната среда в Павликени, България, originally published by Georgi Bachvarov (Facebook), and submitted to the Europe… » read more

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Although the average age of the bus fleet in Polish cities is constantly decreasing, new buses are still fuelled mainly by diesel oil. However, this could be changed easily, as has been demonstrated by cities that have decided to go green and have chosen biogas buses. This is a repost of Biogazowe autobusy to ekologiczne… » read more

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There’s a connection between the latest disaster in Genoa and the EU funds many Regional Administrations (mainly in Southern Italy) have plenty of and fail to spend.   This is a repost of L’alluvione di Genova e i fondi europei non spesi: due selfie di un Paese ingabbiato, originally published in Italian on the sole24ore… » read more

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A few weeks ago, Swedish journalist Göran Rosenberg made a welcome appearance on the radio program Good Morning World. Speaking on the European Union and UK’s membership, he said: “A very human reaction to external threats, real and imagined, is to secure a place somewhere, behind a border of any kind, where the threat can… » read more

  Posted by Kaj Embren

The EU Green Week 2016, the annual occasion to explore and discuss European environment policy, took place betweem 30 May and 3 June 2016, under the slogan “Investing for a greener future”. ‘Investing’ in the broadest sense of the word, means to use any capital goods in hopes of making a profit for a sustainable… » read more

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Difficulty getting renewable energy from where it’s generated to where it’s consumed can be a big headache for countries wanting to go green. That’s the case with Germany, one of the world leaders in wind energy, Energy and Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel says. Most of Germany’s wind energy is generated in plains in the north,… » read more

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  Who is the most influential on EU Energy Efficiency policy? The second #EurActory40 ranking of The top 40 policy experts with influence in EU Energy Efficiency policy was unveiled at a roundtable debate titled: “Energy efficiency, 2016: The year of delivery?”. Download the full ‘#EurActory40 – #EnergyEfficiency’ list (PDF) A video provides a summary… » read more

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In its EU funds spending plans, Slovakia has shown commendable dedication to making bioenergy more sustainable. Taking over the EU presidency in June, it will have a unique chance to apply its expertise to improve European regulations on biomass.   by Miroslav Mojzis cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog   After pressure from Slovak non-governmental organisations,… » read more

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