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(author – Adolfo Costantini) Rome, 2 May 2016. – The recent leak of confidential Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) documents by Greenpeace did not cover the planned Sustainable Chapter and it is worth to reflect upon if increased transparency will help making Trade agreements sustainable. The adoption of Sustainable Development Goals in New York… » read more

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La agricultura siempre ha sido considerada como una actividad poco tecnológica y tecnificada (aunque dicha percepción está cambiando), donde los agricultores con sus propias manos trabajan un terreno duro, cuidándolo y mimándolo. Agricultores que gracias a su trabajo consiguen producir alimentos de calidad de a partir de manejar a la perfección las herramientas a su… » read more

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Worms, 26. December, 2015. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has delivered recently its strange ‘yes and no’ decision on the Scottish Public Health Policy called Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) of alcohol. The Court ruled that in principle a public health policy which may harm internal market and competition (a policy making the cheapest alcoholic… » read more

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The looming threat of ‘Brexit’ – Britain leaving the European Union – was the unavoidable theme of EurActiv’s first roundtable event on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to be held in the UK. A packed-out gathering of EU-interested stakeholders in Westminster on 5 November joined five expert speakers in discussing: ‘CAP in the UK: How… » read more

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Industrial agriculture has a massive problem. Never before has so much food been produced. Yet despite this, there are more than 800 million people who are malnourished and the basic resources for our food like soil, water and biodiversity are increasingly lost. Monocultures and factory farming adorn our countryside, needing permanent intensive care with all… » read more

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In this ongoing Storified article, we will be covering how the EU’s reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) supports sustainable food supply, environmental protection, innovation and growth. Stay tuned for more, or follow @eaAgriculture and #CapOnTheGround. [View the story “The new CAP: stories from the ground” on Storify] The Storify can also be accessed here:

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Where Is This Soya?

Have any of you ever heard of the Danube Soya Initiative…? That’s what I thought. It is Europe’s most significant (and only) attempt to boost conventional non-GM soya production in countries along the banks of the Danube River. Why do we need to boost the production you ask? Because European farmers and our animals are… » read more

Guest post by Zuzana Stratilová from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Biotrin. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their use, especially in agriculture and food industry, remain a controversial topic in the EU. Opinions of different member states are highly polarized. On the one hand, there are member states which… » read more

6th September 2010 – The Forum for the Future of Agriculture’s meeting in Moscow has raised many important issues. These have included the necessity to build a greater understanding between the EU and Russia on agricultural policy and the need to establish closer links. In addition, leaders have been asked to work together and find… » read more

On the 6th September over 150 delegates are expected to attend the year’s second Regional Forum for the Future of Agriculture in Moscow. Important political leaders such as former EU Agriculture Commissioner, Franz Fischler, and Paolo De Castro (Chairman of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee), will join Russian Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, and President… » read more

After the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, which took place in Brussels on March 16, went ahead with great success, it is now taken abroad – again – as sub-events are being organised in Budapest, Moscow, and with an outlook to Marrakesh. The events, held under the auspices of the FFA2010, have a strong regional focus,… » read more

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