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On the 5th of February, 2015, spokespeople for the European cereal, vegetable oil and animal feed importers, labelled the EU’s “missing GM authorisations” a ticking bomb. But let’s face it; few people heard that news at breakfast time. The still fresh Greek election result, attempts to renegotiate Greek debt obligations, and the declining value of […]

A glimmer in the tunnel

              Guest blog post by Professor Vivian Moses, Chairman of CropGen and visiting professor of biotechnology at King’s College and of biology at University College. One of those dubious classic EU “compromises” was approved by the European Parliament last week in Brussels. While the responsibility for approving the cultivation of […]

By Kathleen Garnett Ever since the first boff in a lab profited from fiddling around with the genetic make-up of plants European agriculture has been at the mercy of the big corporations. Not unlike the pests GMO products are said to repel the bio-tech industry has been swarming all over the treasure chest that is European […]

Whitehouse Consultancy client, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, is quoted on top EU food regulation site defending the sector’s products. The defence comes as  two researchers from the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living in Australia argue that sports nutrition products should not be allowed to sponsor sporting events. To read the article […]

The Commission Drops Unfair Trading Practices in the Non-Food Supply Chain from Its Agenda Brussels, 17 July 2014 – The European Commission published on 14 July 2014 a Communication  on unfair trading practices (UTPs) in the business-to-business food supply chain (COM (2014) 472). The Communication has been drafted following a public consultation carried out in […]

The organic sector must engage now with the institutions of the European Union if it is to secure the right outcome for new legislation on organic food. With all the hype around the upcoming European Parliamentary election (even though many around Europe have not noticed) one might be forgiven to have missed the release at […]

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Question time : managing the priorities EU Poll. No time to lose ! Sylvie GUILLAUME (Groupe de l’Alliance Progressiste des Socialistes et Démocrates au Parlement européen, Vice-présidente) Membre: LIBE Commission des libertés civiles, de la justice et des affaires intérieures Membre suppléante: AFCO Commission des affaires constitutionnelles; FEMM Commission des droits de la femme et de […]

  2% der Menschen in Deutschland ernähren sich vollständig vegetarisch. Damit hat sich ihre Zahl im Zeitraum zwischen 2007 und 2012 verdoppelt. Zudem ist auch die Zahl der Menschen gestiegen, die zwar auf Fleisch und Wurstwaren verzichten, aber Fisch essen: Während dies in den Befragungen zur Nationalen Verzehrsstudie II (2005-2007) noch auf rund 0,7 Prozent […]