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Ed Miliband resigned the leadership of the British Labour Party immediately following the party’s unexpectedly heavy defeat in the May 2015 general election. The resignation triggered a contest for leadership of the party. Nominations for leadership candidates are made by members of the parliamentary party – the MPs. Each successful candidate requires the support of… » read more

  Posted by Peter Bye

One Direction swooped into Brussels over the weekend, causing thousands of teenage hearts to flutter and baffled bemusement to everyone else over the age of 14. For those of us trapped in the bubble, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture. And One Direction are big. Huge in fact. Even bigger than the… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

Guest blogpost by Vladan Lausevic, member of Alliance of Liberals And Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and student of European Studies at University of Riga.   Somebody said once that you can’t nationalize success and Europeanize failures. After all, there is a multi-level system of governance within the EU where the discussions are necessary to be performed. Problems… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Nigel Farage’s attempt to step back from his role as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party was today (11 May) soundly rejected by his colleagues. He will carry on, which given his survival of an aeroplane crash during the last election and a nosedive in votes at this one, starts to make him look… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

The new Tory government resulting from the UK general election will surely face many challenges, but two will overshadow all others: redefining the UK’s position in the European Union and Scotland’s position in the UK. Both will deeply affect the future of the UK, its role in the world and possibly its own existence as… » read more

  Posted by Ideas for a united & federal Europe

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