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by Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust and Treasurer of the European Movement UK/// During the referendum on voting reform in 2011, it was sometimes claimed by advocates of the present British electoral system, misleadingly known as “firs…

Betting on Brexit

Think the UK is leaving the EU? Wanna bet? Well, from Thursday, you can. Ladbrokes will start taking bets on the UK leaving the EU, giving Eurosceptics and Europhiles alike the chance to put their money where their mouth is. The company is already taking bets on the date of the referendum. The current favourite, […]

In a recent poll about the nation’s economic anxieties, the Guardian and ICM found out that 46 % of respondents consider ‘Immigrants undercutting workers’ as the primary motive behind the present state of British economy. The Guardian cites Martin Boon, director of ICM Research: “Ten years ago immigration would have been in the second half […]

Self-employment hasn’t managed to successfully lure away a great share of the unemployed population for only somewhere around 14percent of European workers choose this job option. The figures vary however, as you head further into Eastern Europe, whose workforce have possibly been spurred on by dire poverty and war-ravaged locales to go out and make […]

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Que se passe t il entre les Britanniques et l’Europe ? ou plus précisément entre David Cameron leur premier ministre et l’Union européenne ? en annonçant vouloir limiter l’immigration entre européens, ce dernier a jeté un pavé dans la mare, une nouvelle bombe contre l’union européenne. Plus qu’un bras de fer, c’est une vraie confrontation, […]

Quels sont les objectifs et quelles vont être les actions de la Commission Juncker ? Extraits de la chronique RCF du 12 novembre 2014 D’abord redonner des couleurs a une Union inquiète et fébrile. La montée des nationalismes est, avant d’être une source d’inquiétude pour le système démocratique européen, le résultat d’un immobilisme et d’une […]