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Freiheit, Frieden und Wohlstand für alle Europäer sind der Kern der Europäischen Idee. Sie waren die Inspiration für die Erklärung Robert Schumans nur wenige Jahre nach Kriegsende. Der 09. Mai 1950 ist seitdem die Geburtsstunde der heutigen Europäischen Union. Im Zentrum seiner Erklärung standen Vertrauen und Zusammenarbeit, Teilung souveräner Rechte und konkrete Schritte zum Wohle… » read more

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Trust & Referendums

Voters may not trust bankers and generals but they trust their judgement . Conversely, they like Boris Johnson – but do not necessarily trust his judgement ‘Brexit puts jobs at risk, say 200 business chiefs’. This was the headline in the London Times shortly after David Cameron had announced the referendum. A day later some… » read more

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Turks, being both friendly and political, usually ask visitors what they think of Turkey. Seldom nowadays do they like the answer. When criticisms are made by Europeans of Turkey’s apparent drift to Islamist autocracy and away from pluralist democracy, we are reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has frequently (most recently last November) been popularly… » read more

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In den Beziehungen zwischen den Völkern ist es mitunter nicht anders wie in den Beziehungen zwischen zwei Menschen: manches muss ausgesprochen werden, damit es nicht im Ungefähren bleibt. Und sei es nur, damit es für die Nachwelt festgehalten wurde. So ist es auch mit Äußerungen von Deutschen zum möglichen Austritt der Briten aus der Europäischen… » read more

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Common values are the very foundation of the European Union. They play a decisive role for the inner cohesion and solidarity among the citizens of the Union. They unite them. That’s why they are laid down right at the beginning of the Treaty in Article 2. They include respect for human dignity, freedom, tolerance, democracy,… » read more

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The forthcoming European Referendum will determine how the UK resolves issues of clear importance to British working people, and yet, certainly compared to the business community, the trade union movement has been relatively muted on the issue. This is perhaps surprising, since trade unions have been amongst the staunchest supporters of continued European integration, on… » read more

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  On Thursday 5 May, local elections to autonomous legislative bodies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland took place, which brought many historically unprecedented results but also demonstrated the difficulties of reaching a majority in the proportional voting system. The results, despite being regional, have a significant effect on the direction of British politics as… » read more

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Forget about the economy. Britain’s referendum will be decided by concerns about sovereignty and foreigners. These are the two issues that rock the boat of European governments in the late 2010s, and that inspired the Danes to reject EU justice cooperation at a vote in December 2015. Denmark’s long history of EU-referenda tells us that… » read more

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