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Do not be how you will see it. I think that this year is not also much that to celebrate. For much that some of they of them say that the crisis is touching the bottom and that now we will start mending, the panorama is not pleasing:

1. In the economic plane, the EU not only has been unable to plan, in these seven years, an emergency plan to attack the most negative effects of the crisis, but in more than one occasion it has had to intone one pisses fault and to recognize, since it has made recently Pierre Moscovici, that mistakes have been committed.

2. Never, neither national governments nor community institutions have dared to tell the truth on the gravity of the crisis nor to raise alternatives that were voted by the citizens. For example, are we forced to remain in the Euro to any price? 3. In the international aspect, the EU – still without counting what is happening in countries as Lybia, Yemen, Gaza, Iraq or Iran-, it makes alike to a city surrounded by conflicts as those of Ukraine, Syria, the threat yihadista, the drama of the immigration … and the possibility that United Kingdom goes out of the EU.

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