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Guest post by Nicholas Whyte, Senior Director of APCO Global Solutions.   The proposed new allocation of European Parliament seats may benefit ALDE and the EPP, at the expense of the Left and the hard Right. This week’s European Council meeting will consider the European Parliament’s proposals for the reallocation of MEPs between the different… » read more

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by Ixchel Pérez- Durán One of the most widespread notions about European Union agencies (EAs) is their nature as independent expert bodies. For this reason, it is important to analyze the relationship that the main decision-makers of such agencies have with politicians and stakeholders (e.g. business associations/firms, trade unions, civil society organizations). In this blog,… » read more

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By signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, Ukraine has demonstrated its commitment to raising the living standards of Ukrainians. They include a conceptually new quality of public service and an adequate level of communication culture between the administration and citizens and business. During the first years after Ukraine gained independence, living conditions of… » read more

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« Le principe des listes transnationales nécessite qu’on accepte l’idée d’une démocratie européenne à part, en plus des 28 démocraties nationales des États membres » dit Yannick Jadot (cf. Une démocratie « en plus » ? C’est comme si, en France, on prétendait qu’une fois élu son conseil municipal, on n’avait plus besoin d’autres… » read more

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Article published on the Atlantic Treaty Association Website In the interest of tackling populist movements in the Western Balkans, NATO must generate momentum for its “open door” policy, explains Lazar Elenovski. But who will take the lead? More than 20 years have passed since NATO published the merits of its “open door” policy in… » read more

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Dans une interview récente réalisée avec plusieurs grands titres de la presse européenne, Tony Blair demande fermement aux Européens de prendre conscience que le Brexit est aussi dangereux pour eux. Si l’on en croit Tony Blair les Européens sous-estimeraient l’impact du Brexit et devraient laisser aux Britanniques la capacité de changer d’avis. Tony Blair a… » read more

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Es ist eine der dringendsten Aufgaben der neuen Bundesregierung (wenn es sie denn gibt), das Verhältnis zur Türkei neu zu ordnen. Rüstungsgeschäfte auf der einen Seite und inhaftierte Journalisten auf der anderen – das passt nicht zusammen. Wer auch immer Außenminister wird, muss verhindern, dass es einen schmutzigen Deal gibt, um Deniz Yücel zu befreien.… » read more


  As the Balearic Government launches its first climate law, the president of this autonomous Spanish community looks expectantly towards Madrid and Brussels. Guest post by Francina Armengol – President of the Balearic region of Spain Today my Government is presenting the first climate and energy transition law in Spain, in what we hope will… » read more

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For the third time, since 2005, meeting the European Union (EU) air pollution targets is one of the top priorities in the coalition agreement aiming at the formation of a new German government between the Social Democratic Party and Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. However, additional pressure is applied by the European Commission this time,… » read more

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Dans le premier article de ce dossier sur le trafic d’armes, la question du trafic illicite à l’intérieur des frontières de l’Union européenne (UE) a été abordée. Il est en outre également important de faire un état des lieux sur comment les États membres de l’UE se comportent lors du commerce légal d’armes, nous poussant… » read more

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On 10th February, the Turkish navy stopped the Saipem 12000, the ENI (Ente nazionale idrocarburi) Italian platform, which was heading towards Cyprus to begin drilling operations under license from the Nicosia government. This news was announced by the Cypriot foreign minister and confirmed by the Italian oil group. The Turkish President Recyp Erdogan, in the… » read more

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