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Guest blog post by Denis MacShane, the UK’s former minister for Europe. His latest book is Brexit, No Exit. Why (in the End) Britain Won’t Leave Europe (IB Tauris). Recently the London Eurosceptic political weekly, the Spectator, published an article by the most fervent EU federalist to be found in Europe. Jean Quatremer is a… » read more

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  The concept of political culture can be defined as the sum of assumptions about the political world (David J. Elkins and Richard E. B. Simeon 1979: 127). Assumptions about the political world focus attention on certain features of institutions, events and behavior, define the realm of the possible, identify the problems deemed pertinent, and… » read more

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La protection des consommateurs est un sujet délicat au sein de l’Union européenne. Malgré le fait que celle-ci soit très stricte en ce qui concerne les directives pour toujours veiller à la sécurité et au bien-être du consommateur, de nombreuses questions restent en suspens. Le citoyen ne se sent pas toujours informé correctement et a… » read more

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Il y a comme une fatalité dans l’exercice par la Commission de son droit d’initiative législatif et réglementaire. Plus les procédures sont encadrées par des études d’impact, des consultations et des avis scientifiques et plus l’UE s’oriente vers une approche subjective de la loi et du règlement. Aujourd’hui, ce sont les clichés, les idées reçues,… » read more

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There is a kind of inevitability when the Commission uses its right of legislative and regulatory initiative. The more the process is framed by impact assessments, consultations and scientific opinions, the more the EU moves towards a subjective approach to law and regulation. Today, it is clichés, conventional wisdom and public opinion that rules in… » read more

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The necessity to tackle money-laundering and terrorist financing was raised by the European Commission in 2016, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France and in Belgium, as well as the Panama Papers scandal. Thursday, April 19th, MEPs validated the agreement on the 5th proposal for an anti-money laundering directive. These measures include: An… » read more

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By Charikleia Vlachou   An institutional innovation in its conception Associating national parliaments to the democratic accountability of European agencies is not easy to conceptualize: the relationship between the two seems to be a primarily indirect one based on the control of national executives for the actions of national representatives in the Management Boards of… » read more

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Interview with Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs. The interview was conducted by Dimitris Rapidis, coordinator of the European Progressive Forum. How do you explain the surge of far-right parties in many member-states in the EU and Eurozone during the last years? First of all, far-right parties have not… » read more

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Article published on the Atlantic Treaty Association Website: Facing a rapidly evolving European security environment, NATO is making steady progress towards developing its territorial ballistic missile defence capability to put in place a fully unified air command and control system by 2020, reports David Hayhurst Recent developments in NATO’s ballistic missile defence (BMD) architecture… » read more

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La part des femmes dans l’histoire des déplacements de population souffre d’une visibilité très limitée, elle n’a pour autant jamais été minime. Cette situation s’explique par les représentations véhiculées par les médias, montrant le plus souvent des figures d’hommes assez jeunes qui arrivent d’Afrique de Nord ou du Moyen-Orient. En 1911, elles représentaient déjà 47%… » read more

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Ukraine’s rapprochement towards the EU is long-lasting and has its own history: the launch of the DCFTA, the adoption of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, the Association Agreement entry into force and its implementation etc. These key steps were supported by civil society organizations, analyzed by think tanks, reported by the Government Office, while the… » read more

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Yesterday 17thApril 2018, the European Commission presented a set of new security measures to address the loopholes in the European security legislation and therefore, as stated by First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, “to deprive criminals and terrorists of the tools and resources they need to perpetrate their crimes”. These proposals follow the anti-terrorism package of October… » read more

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