Monday 28 July 2014

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Vivimos en una Europa incolora, insípida e indolora

Por Jesús González Aire irrespirable para muchos millones de ciudadanos europeos que no creen en la construcción, ni en el proyecto más exitoso de nuestra historia. Estamos entre todos, unos por acción y otros por omisión de no participar en el cambio de rumbo, agotando las opciones de seguir constituyendo el espacio de libertad humana más sólido en el tiempo y en el espacio.


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New payment system SEPA – Germans do not like it

Posted by tfranke on 28th July 2014

It’s only two weeks until SEPA is starting officially. The start has been postponed from beginning of this year. At that time, many companies hadn’t been prepared for the new [...]

Vivimos en una Europa incolora, insípida e indolora

Posted by Jesús González on 27th July 2014

Por Jesús González Aire irrespirable para muchos millones de ciudadanos europeos que no creen en la construcción, ni en el proyecto más exitoso de nuestra historia. Estamos entre todos, unos [...]

30 July 1966, England beat Germany 4:2. It won’t happen again

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 27th July 2014

The UK Government should be proactive in seeking reform of football if the national team is to have any real prospect of future success, argues Whitehouse Consultancy Chairman, Chris Whitehouse. The [...]

Wirtschaftssanktionen durch Europa?

Posted by Günter K.V. Vetter on 27th July 2014

Es ist richtig, dass sich die Regierungen der EU grundsätzlich auf Wirtschaftssanktionen gegen Russland geeinigt haben; dass sie dem Land, das den Krieg in der Ostukraine befeuert, Zugang [...]

Prisons et vols secrets de la CIA : la justice européenne est passée

Posted by EU-Logos on 27th July 2014

La justice européenne est passée là où les institutions européennes ont montré leur impuissance (Parlement européen), leur attitude timorée (Commission européenne) ou leur franche mauvaise volonté (Conseil et Etats membres). [...]

Regolamento del Parlamento europeo e nuova legislatura

Posted by Carlo Peano on 27th July 2014

 Considerando quali pubblicazioni del Parlamento europeo possano essere interessanti, credo che avere un riferimento ai regolamenti interni sia sempre utile. L’altro giorno, sto camminando insieme al mio amico G al terzo piano [...]

An ode to Zeeland

Posted by Isarajka on 26th July 2014

In the stars All paths lead to Zeeland that weekend. There seemed to be no way around it. First of all, I had to leave my flat for that weekend. My friend [...]

MH17: Why didn’t the EU put its flags at half-mast?

Posted by Georgi Gotev on 25th July 2014

Every little act is a symbol that you care. I fail to understand why the EU didn’t put its flags at half- mast following the downing of MH17. Friends from [...]

Europäisches Kartell

Posted by Günter K.V. Vetter on 24th July 2014

“Die EU-Kommission setzt auf Energieverschwendung” – das vernichtende Urteil der DENEF(Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energie-Effizienz) ist berechtigt… Statt um 40% will die Kommission den Energieverbrauch bis 2030 lediglich um [...]

How to unlock the EU this summer?

Posted by Dan Luca on 22nd July 2014

By Dan Luca Federica Mogherini. Jonathan Hill. Names and nominees are floated for future Commissioners, but can't Europe do better? The best thing for the UK's relationship with the rest [...]

Réformer les Traités ou réformer la Commission ?

Posted by EU-Logos on 22nd July 2014

 Pourquoi la Commission ? D’abord, elle a concentré les critiques et l’impopularité et son efficacité et sa légitimité ont été mises en causes occultant ses mérites durant toute la crise, perdant [...]

If we had taken measures, 180 Dutch wouldn’t have died

Posted by Lulea Marius Dorin on 22nd July 2014

Germany longed to be the leader of the European Union, but its Chancellor, Angela Merkel, proves that she is not capable to measure up to such a position. The actual crisis [...]

Development Aid: the benefits of transparency

Posted by aleflo on 22nd July 2014

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an open data platform on Development Aid, aimed at improving transparency on funds to developing countries. The new website is still under [...]


Posted by andrewduff on 22nd July 2014

Andrew Duff looks at the third, concluding phase of the Spitzenkandidaten experiment for the appointment of the new European Commission. He finds that the initiative now lies with President-elect Jean-Claude [...]

Centennial Commemoration of World War I

Posted by The Eurocrat on 22nd July 2014

The killing of a man’s nephew triggered an event that changed the course of human civilization in the subsequent decades. It was on June 28, 1914 when a Yugoslav nationalist [...]