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When assessing the attempts at conducting reforms, international organizations and states with a steady democracy treat Ukraine diplomatically, with understanding, as if it were a child that is just learning to stand on her own two feet. In other words, if you don’t praise her, you might destroy any desire for learning to walk from… » read more

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The Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences recently published a study about Czech attitudes towards direct democracy. A striking 82% majority of those surveyed think that important questions regarding foreign affairs should be decided by their elected representatives rather than in general referenda. After last year´s general elections, the political elite of the… » read more

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La muerte del astrofísico de renombre mundial Stephen Hawking puede verse como otro clavo en el ataúd de la ciencia genuina. La honesta aproximación a la ciencia de Hawking fue ejemplificado por su disposición para admitir sus errores. En los años 70, reconoció que una creencia que formuló al principio de su carrera científica era… » read more

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Next year will be the real turning point for Lithuania from the financial point of view. After gaining the independence Lithuania was significantly supported by the EU. Brussels helped a young country to grow stronger and decrease its dependence on Russia. Many projects started by the country decades ago were successfully financed from the European… » read more

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In order to test our assumptions and additionally get a better feeling for the crowdsourcing community we launched a very small-scaled job on CrowdFlower. The job was designed to let the crowd judge the sentiment of tweets from StockTwits regarding the mentioned company and it’s stock. To begin with, we collected 59 tweets for different… » read more

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The EU’s budget line for EU health action (‘the Health programme’) will be either dismantled and mashed into the ‘soup’ of the Single Market with other ingredients such as food safety, animal, and plant health or will remain a stand-alone programme which would be actually better for citizens. Here is why. Cooking a healthy EU… » read more

  Posted by My European Civil Voice - Zoltán Massay-Kosubek @EU_ZMK

  Vasile Rotaru e Andreas Umland (Traduzione: Eleonora Laura M. Rizzi)   Le mosse della Russia in Crimea e nell’Ucraina sud-orientale hanno portato la Nato a rafforzare il principio di solidarietà all’interno dell’Alleanza Nordatlantica e a potenziarne le capacità complessive. In particolare, le mosse della Russia hanno spinto la Romania e la Polonia, i due… » read more

  Posted by Andreas Umland

Heinz Christian Strache, Austria’s vice chancellor and chief of the far right freedom party of the country, apologised online and now is paying damages for accusing without proves, the public broadcaster ORF of lying. Last month, the Austrian deputy posted a picture of ORF’s Armin Wolf, star anchor man on Facebook. The inscription below the… » read more

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Les sociétés européennes modernes ont tendance au renfermement sur elles-mêmes et à concevoir l’arrivant comme un intrus; souvent le résultat d’une peur alimentée par les images et les discours de crise relayés par les médias. Dans un contexte politique et économique souvent tendu, un préjugé très présent est que celui qui arrive est de trop… » read more

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By Dominik Kirchdorfer and Riccardo Venturi In 2016, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US caused a hysteria, with some people fearing populists would continue to gain ground; completely unopposed. Last year, those same people did a one-eighty turnaround and suddenly were proclaiming the victory of pro-Europeanism, as Rutte, Van der Bellen… » read more

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Fondation EURACTIV is supporting multilingualism and innovation in language technology. Leveraging machine translation and expert skills, attorneys could gather more evidence and address more efficiently multilingual litigation and international cases.   Discovery, in legal terms, is the pre-trial phase of a case during which attorneys gather evidence, sometimes from one another, using various means. E-discovery,… » read more

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After last week’s Achmea ruling of the Court of Justice (CJEU) Member States can no longer legally go ahead with ratifying CETA – the mixed Free Trade Agreement that the EU and its Member States agreed with Canada. Achmea casts serious doubts on the legality of CETA’s investment chapter, which allows investors from one Party… » read more

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