Friday 25 April 2014

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Ukraine, War Fever, Sanity and a Daisy

Michael T Bucci The Ukraine imbroglio has left this writer and others swimming against two mutually opposing perpetual tides preempting objectivity. Peace and truth are the first casualties of war.


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EU health research: the vision of the European virtual institutes of health

Posted by Stavros Papagianneas on 23rd April 2014

In 2001, concerns about the competitiveness of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry led the European Commission to form a small, high-level group to investigate. The group, known as G10, chaired by two [...]

Ukraine, War Fever, Sanity and a Daisy

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 23rd April 2014

Michael T Bucci The Ukraine imbroglio has left this writer and others swimming against two mutually opposing perpetual tides preempting objectivity. Peace and truth are the first casualties of war.

The Economist: Stonehenge offers lessons for Eurosceptics

Posted by Raymond Gijsen on 22nd April 2014

“Excavations of a neolithic village close to Stonehenge have provided new explanations of its origins. It was not made by aliens or foreigners. It was built by Britons at a [...]

The EU and Contemporary Democracy: Part II

Posted by The Eurocrat on 22nd April 2014

The European Parliament, the only institution where EU citizens directly elect their representatives, had its role revolutionized in the past decades. Aside from being one of the most transparent and [...]

Die europäischen Ostermärsche

Posted by Günter K.V. Vetter on 22nd April 2014

In den Achtziger Jahren waren bis zu eine Million Leute auf den Beinen, inzwischen sind es maximal ein paar Tausend. Aber der Sprecher des Organisationskreises Ostermarsch Rhein-Ruhr sagt, [...]

Vivimos nuevos tiempos de “Realpolitik”

Posted by Jesús González on 22nd April 2014

Jesús González Si la política consiste en el arte de lo posible, parece evidente que en el arranque de este año 2014, ha derivado el axioma hacia el posibilismo más [...]

European elections and social networks

Posted by Emilio Fuentes on 21st April 2014

“The electoral campaign for the 2008 U.S. elections and the election of Barack Obama have enshrined the role of social networks,” stated in post-electoral EB71.3 Enquête européennes Elections 2009 (p. [...]

Stientje van Veldhoven: EU should free up public transport data for development of EU-wide travel planning app

Posted by Raymond Gijsen on 21st April 2014

Dutch MP Stientje van Veldhoven has urged the European Commission to make the data of Europe’s railway companies freely available (“open data”) so that app developers can start creating a [...]

Abbas: Willing to extend talks, but first three months must focus on borders

Posted by mariusvalentinniculae on 21st April 2014

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told several MKs on Wednesday that he is willing to extend the negotiations with Israel for another nine months, but would want the first three [...]

Furthering Hollywood’s latest identification of evil: Humans

Posted by The Risk Monger on 21st April 2014

The Risk-Monger took his children to see Noah during the Easter break. Rather than celebrating a Biblical story, he found himself trying to explain why environmentalists were portrayed as good [...]

The EU and Contemporary Democracy

Posted by The Eurocrat on 17th April 2014

The notion of democracy derives from ancient history; it originates from the Greek words dêmos and kratos, which means ‘rule of the people’. Its modern definition lies in the eye [...]

UK Government agency lacks resources to do its basic job

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 17th April 2014

By Chris Whitehouse Staffing crises and soaring workloads at a UK Government Agency have forced it to throw up its hands in bureaucratic despair, a bizarre email acknowledgment suggests. Two [...]

Pro-Russia Donetsk Republic orders all Jews “to register”

Posted by Georgi Gotev on 17th April 2014

I am based in Brussels and cannot confirm the authenticity of this document, but I guess it deserves attention. A website of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk has published a photograph [...]

So why is manufacturing so important in Europe?

Posted by Orgalime on 17th April 2014

  Maybe the answers to this question and indeed all those posed below can be found at One market for all? The European Union is built on the idea of a single [...]

NGOs should be further involved on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee

Posted by AEGEE-Europe on 17th April 2014

Last week, AEGEE attended the conference “Youth Guarantee: Making It Happen” organised by the European Commission in Brussels. Both Miguel Gallardo (member of the board of AEGEE-Europe) and Mathieu Savary [...]