Wednesday 27 August 2014

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Maternity leave reform: a Neverland

By Alessandra Flora In July the European Parliament announced to open talks over the maternity leave reform. In 2010 the EP approved in first reading the draft proposal, but it never came into force. More and more women are forced to leave job and stay at home. How long can we tolerate this unjustice?


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Understanding the Google Antitrust Case: Horizontal vs Vertical Search

Posted by Chris Sherwood on 26th August 2014

In various conversations over recent months, I have noticed that a lot of people don’t understand the difference between general, or horizontal search on the one hand, and specialised, or [...]

Maternity leave reform: a Neverland

Posted by aleflo on 26th August 2014

By Alessandra Flora In July the European Parliament announced to open talks over the maternity leave reform. In 2010 the EP approved in first reading the draft proposal, but it [...]

Will the economic sanctions of US and the EU against Russia fail?

Posted by Tyszecki on 26th August 2014

By Tyszecki The harsh economic sanctions against Russia demonstrated the unity of the European Union and the United States on the issue of stopping the bloody war, unleashed and supported [...]

Rajoy y Merkel en Santiago para bendecir el largo camino de la austeridad

Posted by Jesús González on 26th August 2014

La maestra y su mejor alumno o la directora de orquesta y su mejor intérprete. Llámenlos como quieran, pero lo que nadie puede ya poner en duda es que para [...]

In praise of Anne Glover

Posted by The Risk Monger on 26th August 2014

As activists along the halls of the Mundo-B building smell blood and put their PR machines into high gear, a bit of rationality should be restored to the question of [...]

Berlin – The Heaven of Internship Opportunities

Posted by mladiinfo on 26th August 2014

EU voted with its feet – it chose to put them up in front of the TV!

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 25th August 2014

Despite much hyped reports in May that turnout in the European Parliament elections had increased compared to the previous elections, the truth has now been revealed – the opposite is [...]

Ebuzzing: International´s Top blogs

Posted by Emilio Fuentes on 25th August 2014

Ebuzzing publishes monthly a ranking blog. This list organizes in a “General” section (integrated by 300 blogs) and others almost forty sections of very varied subject matter that goes from [...]

Will Juncker get the Commission he needs?

Posted by andrewduff on 25th August 2014

Andrew Duff looks at the third, concluding phase of the Spitzenkandidaten experiment for the appointment of the new European Commission. He finds that the initiative now lies with President-elect Jean-Claude [...]

Le CEDH, le Royaume-Uni et les tensions avec le nouvel arrêt sur le droit de vote des détenus

Posted by EU-Logos on 25th August 2014

C’est une longue, très longue, affaire qui remonte, pour le moins à 2005 date de la première condamnation, condamnation suivie d’un « sursis » qui expirait le 23 novembre 2013. Le délai [...]

The SCO expands

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 25th August 2014

The EU’s expansion into Ukraine obeys the law of unintended consequences. Alliances that were probably decades into the making are starting to take shape in months, if not weeks. Thus, after [...]

Die Nachbarn im postkommunistischen Teil Europas

Posted by Günter K.V. Vetter on 25th August 2014

Wenn es um gefährliche und unangenehme Aufgaben geht, etwa Tausende Soldaten ans andere Ende der Welt zu schicken, hört Polen von den Verbündeten, dass es Teil des Westens [...]

Shinzo Abe’s Nationalism

Posted by Osmi Anannya on 25th August 2014

Japanese nationalism was first introduced at the end of the 19th century. During the Meiji period, industrialisation, centralisation, mass education and military conscription resulted in a shift in popular allegiances. [...]

‘Wer wird ‘Kommissär’ in der EU-Kommission?’

Posted by Michael on 25th August 2014

Michael Cwik Beim gemeinsamen Abendessen der Staats- und Regierungschefs im Europäischen Rat im Juli wurde, auf gut deutsch gesagt, mal wieder „ nationaler Kuh-Handel“ getrieben. Obwohl der designierte und vom [...]

El interminable viaje hacia el centro político

Posted by Jesús González on 10th August 2014

El padre de la Ciencia Ficción, el novelista francés Julio Verne, narró como nadie los viajes extraordinarios de un ser humano que vislumbraba en el siglo XIX una nueva era [...]